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September 13, 2017: Treehouse has returned
Posted by AC

I have the treehouse back up, but will be doing some work in the background to figure out how the problem happened - feel free to return to full use!


September 12, 2017: Treehouse issues
Posted by AC

Just to let everyone know, Timmy's Treehouse is having issues that I'm still trying to sort out. For now, the site can't be accessed by anyone, and there's no real reason why. Watch for more as I know more!


September 10, 2017: Surprise!!!
Posted by AC

Hey all, despite the best attempts of real life, along with a case of mid-chapter writers block, I am proud to announce that the invasion of Naples is back in full swing!

Thay's right, it can only mean one thing ...

MEMORIES 3 Chapter 24 is LIVE!

This chapter's got it all: surprise visits from various divisions, raiding a trailer park, family bonding, cookie raids ... and a very special event which D&B planned to do before Dave passed away.  So much happens that you just need to read it, I can't do it justice otherwise! Please, let me know what you think!


August 27, 2017: AC SAID SO!!
Posted by The Eggman

The rumors are true!  There is more to Dear Diary and it is posted now!  Thanks to everyone that helped me get DD 29 out of my head and onto the screen.  Several people that reminded that the rather traumatic life changing events I have been through this summer actually give me more time to write now.  Anyhoo, hope you all enjoy the chapter.


August 13, 2017: Updates and more!
Posted by AC

Besides the awesome updates that BillW has been doing, I am happy to announce that The Story Lover has graciously allowed us to add the entire Dragon Earl Universe to the Cafe, as well as assisting with a new Poems secion! Please check them out, there's a lot of great writing there!

August 5, 2017: It's the end of the world as we know it!
Posted by AC

As the Saints all fall over from heart attacks, I am amazed to announce the birthing of a true miracle - "Sentenced To Life" Chapter 17 has rose from the ashes and is now LIVE for your reading pleasure!!  The smelling salts are on the table to the left, and the popcorn that JeffP amazingly didn't burn for once is to the right!




July 30, 2017: The Updates Just Keep On Coming
Posted by The Story Lover

While AC has been buried under tons of work the prolofic one Bill W. continues to post one wonderful chapter after another. Thanks Bill I am sure that AC appreciates all your hard work.

I did sneak in and post a chapter of Drummer Boy Book Two while no one was looking.

Take care,


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