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November 23, 2017: Happy Thanksgiving
Posted by The Story Lover

Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate this holiday and a warm thanks to all of the authors and readers of this site.

Haven Book Three by Str8mayb has finally arrived.

Bill W. keeps on rolling along with more chapters of Sword of Kings: 1.

MultiMapper has joined the fun with more chapters of Shadeside: Book One - For the Night.

Jeff's Fort even snuck in another CTRL-Z Scene Children Never Forget.

ACFan and The Eggman have brought us Chapter One of The Mikyvis Chronicles: Concert Series and it is a roller coaster ride of emotions. They have also brought us the First Press Release for the Concert Series.

Enjoy your holiday reading,


November 4, 2017: Str8mayb's Haven Book Two Has Arrived
Posted by The Story Lover

Haven Book Two by Str8mayb has finally arrived at the Café, so catch up on the further adventures of Tom and Neal the Ben Gay Kid!

Enjoy your reading,


October 30, 2017: A very busy week!
Posted by AC

First off, I want to welcome our newest author, D. K. Daniels, to the Cafe! To start things off, his Halloween story "Light The Night" is now live, with more stories to follow!

Also, everyone please give a warm Welcome Back to Ozzy - he's been busy making up for his absence!

Bill W  has given us multiple chapters of "Sword Of Kings 1", while Arthur has given us another chapter of "Drummer Boy: Book 2"

We have a few more tricks and treats up our sleeves, so keep your eyes open!


October 22, 2017: New media available
Posted by AC

The more the merrier! TheEggman and myself are in the process of making media available, some for the first time! Check out the new Media section under the Menu, and enjoy!


October 22, 2017: Clan Short Universe Fifteenth Anniversary!
Posted by AC

* Watch for multiple Clan Short Universe story posts from multiple authors! *

Flashback: October 22, 2002

After being laid off by his employer due to staff reductions, a man decides to take the risk and post the results of a dream that had been nagging him for the last two weeks. After multiple times of waking up with the same dream clear in his head, the man begins writing it down. With the urging of another author, Comicality, the man posted his dream for the world to see on the Comicality Library.

The man is known as ACFan, and with seven small words a legend was born...

"Do you remember which key it is?"

Return to current time: October 22, 2017

It is now fifteen years later, and my dream that wouldn't stop until I wrote it down is stronger than ever. Between multiple authors and readers contributing their own dreams, and my own additions to the fabric of the universe, what started as a small story has become a major project that has had an effect on multiple lives.

As I write this, I am in conversation with quite a few of the core authors who were instrumental in turning a single story into a Universe.  In no particular order, the following authors are responsible for giving me the support and advice that made my story into the CSU: Darryl (aka Sleeping Beauty), Akeentia, TSL, JeffP, and Multimapper. As other authors have come and gone, those four have always been responsible for creating the foundation that it was all built on. With the relatively recent addition of TheEggman to the team, this core group is responsible for even more quality in the stories.

Unfortunately, we did lose one author from our group; Dave of D&B is sorely missed, and to this day we are still trying to ensure that we do the characters he created justice. Other authors have moved on to other projects or have had changes to their daily lives that preclude having writing time, but the core group is together once more and supporting each other as our characters move forward.

Most of all, thank you to the readers, some of which have been reading since the very first post. Your feedback and ideas have been greatly appreciated, and at times have pushed us towards finishing something that was stalled.

It has been an amazing fifteen years, and I'm looking forward to the next five years of story progression! Thank you to each and every one of you!



October 22, 2017: Changes to a posted chapter!
Posted by AC

Okay, I admit it, I goofed - there were two major blocks of text that somehow managed to vanish from Memories Part 3,  Chapter 23. Thanks to TSL for finding the problem and providing the missing text blocks. There were enough changes that I flagged the chapter as new, so that is why you see it in the new chapter list!


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