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July 5, 2017: Happy 4th!
Posted by AC

Happy 4th to our American readers!

If you haven't noticed, Bill W. Arthur, and Ozzy have all been busy with new material - they've been posting faster than I can read! That is a good thing though, and I hope that you're enjoying their work as much as I am!


June 28, 2017: Cafe Improvements
Posted by AC

While that sneaky magician Akeentia has been busy doing stuff in the background to help the authors, he snuck in some features for you readers too! The Authors and Stories pages now feature a "Sort by first letter" feature as well as the previous "All" view - which means a LOT less scrolling if you know what story you are looking for!

Thank you, Oh Awesome One!


June 19, 2017: Arthur's Stories
Posted by The Story Lover

We have just finished updating  all of Arthur's Stories including adding new chapters and a New Story The Last Shaman Book Three: The Runner. The chapters that received the most updating in Book One of Drummer Boy are Chapter Two and Chapters Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six.

There has been a lot of rearranging and relinking of stories in the background ; if you find any errors please use the Contact Us button.


June 18, 2017: New Story added
Posted by AC

While it didn't show on the top of the list, there is a new story from Akeentia on the Cafe - it is called "Operant Unconcious Project", and is available in "Featured Stories"

Also, we are testing out a new feature that will interconnect stories on multiple Fort Family sites - occasionally there might be a story that has temporary issues due to it being converted for sharing; these issues should only last a minute or two at the most.



June 14, 2017: Welcome Ozzy!
Posted by AC

I'm honored to be able to say "Welcome" to our newest Cafe author, Ozzy! Keep your eyes open, he'll be posting his stories soon for your reading pleasure! Watch for him in the "Featured Stories" Section!

EDIT: His story "Open Hearts" now has all 11 existing chapters posted!


June 11, 2017: Okay, okay! I hear you :)
Posted by JeffsFort

Well it's been four days since posting APTT's finale and I gotta say, I am blown away at how many people have not only read it in that short period of time but have even emailed to say how much they have enjoyed it. Thank-you all so much for the kind words and feedback. (and sorry to the small handful who felt it was too soon for it to be "The End". The characters made me do it.) But this isn't the reason for this post...

After relaunching the CSU story "Sentenced to Life" on both and I got a lot of feedback thanking myself and our in house IT Akeentia for making it possible to translate the sometimes incoherent ramblings of the little android named Joey. This has, in almost each email I received asked for a way to translate the character's early speech impediment that the site can't automatically handle. Well, I'm listening to you all and realized that thanks to a need on, there was an option that I believe will make you all happy. Chapters 6, 7 & 8 now have translations encoded that allow you to read the implied comment in plain English. I still recommend ignoring the translations and reading his comments phonetically as that's how the little guy sounds but, for those comments that just aren't as obvious or for those who are missing part of the convo because of an inability to sound out the comments; click on the highlighted text in these three chapters. I used this feature to help out those who are "Joey Impaired" and think it will help out :)

Hope this helps to make the experience enjoyable for everyone!

Til the next update,

June 7, 2017: Co-Hosted Story comes to a close...
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi everyone! I have some great news for you all and it just may put a few of you in shock. (I'll apologize in advance for spilled drinks or bruises from falling out of your chairs...)

As I had announced on my own site, the first story that I approached prior to re-launching was the first story I had attempted ever. I felt that if I was to start "tying up loose ends" it rightfully should be the story that has been waiting the longest for it's conclusion. Originally started back in 2003, "A Penny on the Train Tracks" (APTT) has waited nearly 14 years, stalling repeatedly throughout that time and leading most to believe that it would never be finished. It includes an "Afterword" which briefly explains the idea behind the story, why I feel I began writing it too soon and for all the wrong reasons, and why I now believe that the passage of time and lessons learned in the process gave APTT the message that I wanted it to have in the end after all. I'm very happy with how the story turned out and I hope you all are as well.

This also means that it's time for me to move on to the next story... Look out CSU fans, another tree is about to get shaken and I can't be held responsible for the nuts that fall out of it! Hehehe! I hope you enjoy the read!

- Jeff -

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