Mayfield Titans

Chapter 22-Preparations

<Aiden and Kalie>
“Good morning, Aiden,” Mrs. Emerson greeted in her usual friendly fashion. “I hear you had a good time at the party Saturday.”
“Good morning Mrs. Emerson, and yes I did, and I’d better sit down since there was a car coming up behind us when you came to a stop. I’m sure he wants you to get going right away.”
“I see it in my mirror and thank you for pointing it out.” The grandmotherly bus driver knew why Aiden was in a rush; he didn’t want to be asked about what really happened in Gage’s bedroom. All her grandson, Skip, had told her was that Aiden had answered all his questions and then some. Knowing how precocious her grandson was, she had no doubt they did more than play video games in the bedroom.
“We’re supposed to get our grade on our social studies project today,” Kalie reminded Aiden as he sat in the empty aisle seat next to her on the bus. He was happy he wasn’t offered the window seat. Kalie never tried fondling his cock when he sat in the aisle seat. Since he wasn’t very horny, he would have had to say no to taking the window seat and Kalie might have started to sulk which would have made his Monday worse than normal.
“And I am betting we get an A,” Aiden said confidently. “I’m a good student, you’re a good student, we’re both decent artists, we did great on our oral report. Think about it, how could we not get an A?”
“I agree with you. I saw Brittany and Wesley’s report, which she thinks is pretty good, and it’s not close to as good as ours. So, I have no doubt we’re getting the A, but we won’t get an A in sex-ed.”
“What does sex ed have to do with Amerigo Vespucci?”
“We didn’t have any sex ed when we worked together,” Kalie smirked.
“Okay, let’s try this idea. I am so sure we’ll get an A, that if we don’t, I will do what Gordy wants.”
“You mean, you’ll go all the way with me?”
Aiden knew that was exactly what he meant and knew exactly what the consequences would be if they didn’t get an A. “That’s what I mean. And just so there’s no arguing, an A- counts as an A.”
Aiden ignored her. “And we have to do it before New Year’s Day.”
“Unless you start stalling.”
“I’m not going to have to stall, because we’re going to get that A.” Kalie had never wished for a B on an assignment so much in her entire life.
When the bell rang starting second period Core, the class sat silently while Mr. Edison bid them good morning and then took attendance. He handed the attendance sheet to Barbara, his runner for the week, to take to the office and then addressed the class.
“As promised, your explorer reports are graded. I have two grade sheets for each report and will hand them out in order of your seats. You can pick up your full reports from me after the period ends.” He went on to tell the class that they had done a good job overall and reminded them that their next report on Conquest and Colonization would be solo reports, which led to muffled groans.
Mr. Edison laid the grade sheets upside down on the desks. Aiden received his before Kalie. He did NOT want to be the one to take Kalie’s cherry and was feeling totally stupid for saying he would do it.  For a moment his confidence left him, and he flipped the sheet over with trepidation. When he saw the grade his mouth formed a deep frown and he folded his arms on the desk and dropped his head between them.
When Kalie saw Aiden’s reaction, she was once again torn. She didn’t know whether to be happy about the thought of the sex she was going to enjoy with Aiden or want to cry for not getting an A on a report she and Aiden had worked so hard on and which their parents thought had been well done. Aiden’s father is a teacher, she thought, and even he said we did an awesome job.
Mr. Edison came to her desk and placed the grade sheet on it with a smile. Kalie wanted to kick him—how can he smile when he didn’t give them the A they deserved. She flipped the sheet and when she saw the grade one thought immediately flooded her mind—I am going to KILL him. He is so dead, it’s NOT even funny.
Aiden looked over at Kalie’s desk with a big smile on his face. He held up his grade sheet and pointed to the A which was also on her sheet. Mr. Edison, who had picked up on what was going on as soon as Aiden dropped his head on his desk, could barely restrain his laughter. It was moments like these that made him love teaching kids.
“Did you plan that all along?” Kalie asked Aiden furiously when second period ended.
“Nope. I didn’t even think about it until I saw the A. I was so happy I had a hard time not smiling, but I managed until I got my head down on the desk.”
“Well, I’m never talking to you ever again.”
Aiden didn’t take the bait. “I guess that’s your loss.”
“Okay, I’ll talk to you again tomorrow. You will have the seat next to the window and you know what that means.”
“Yep. It means I’ll have to wear my protective cup tomorrow.”
“Ohhhhhhhhh, you keep making me so f…so very mad!”
Aiden walked out of the room with Gordy, who wanted to know what that fuss was all about. When Aiden told him, Gordy didn’t know whether to laugh or punch Aiden in the stomach. Since he wasn’t a fighter, Gordy elected to laugh.
“I guess that means I’ll have to take her cherry,” Gordy said as they entered the boys’ room.
“It could be worse. You won’t be stuck with sloppy seconds.”
Gordy stared at Aiden as he zipped up his pants after peeing. “I can see why Kalie is mad at you because now you’re making me mad.”
“But you both love me anyway,” Aiden grinned.
“That’s the problem, we both love you even when you’re being a prick,” Gordy conceded.
By lunch Aiden’s group of friends had heard what Aiden had done. “Too bad nobody made a video of it,” Miles said. “It would be awesome on Facebook.”
“I didn’t know you were so evil, Miles,” Aiden said.
“I have to be to keep up with you.”
After the bell rang ending seventh period, Kalie caught up to Aiden in the hall. “I just wanted to let you know I’m not mad at you anymore,” she told him.
“Thanks, Kalie. I appreciate you telling me.”
“You’re not playing with me, are you?”
“Nope. I’m serious. You’re one of my best friends and I don’t want us being mad at each other. I didn’t mean to make you mad and if I hadn’t made that bet, I don’t think I would have thought of yanking your chain like that.”
“Well, the window seat will still be empty on the bus tomorrow. Plus, I have something to talk to you about.”
“But not about the report grade, right?”
“Nope. That’s all over with.”
“We did kick serious ass on that report.”
“Yeah, and I’m sure it helped that you grabbed my bare ass a couple of times when we worked on it,” she giggled. Kalie quickly took off down the hall. Aiden let her have the last word, both because she had earned it and because he had to get to basketball practice.
Blake came up to Aiden in the locker room as he was changing. He now stood a half-inch over six feet tall and Aiden had to look up to his friend and teammate.
“Hey, gay boy, everybody is saying that Kalie is your girlfriend after what happened today,” Blake chuckled.
“Nope, just my friend.”
“Besides, we know that Kalie is Gordy’s girlfriend and that Heather wishes she was your girlfriend and Brittany has a crush on you.” Blake shook his head. “How come you’re gay and the girls are all over you and I want a girlfriend and they hardly talk to me.”
“I don’t know, but I can put in a good word to Heather for you.”
“I don’t like Heather; I like Kelly Strong.”
Aiden pulled his practice jersey on. “Then some of us are going to have to get the word out to her,” he told his friend.
“Yes, please do.”
Basketball turnouts had started the week before. Aiden was feeling confident. Larry had opened the gym the six weeks before turnouts so Aiden, along with Trent, Gordy, Miles, Muddy, Blake, and even Grant could shoot around and scrimmage with each other a couple of days a week after school. Having Blake’s height and Muddy’s big frame at the turnouts was a help for everybody because of the competition their size offered. Larry suggested Aiden invite Grant to try out for the team even though he had no experience because he saw a ton of untapped potential in the boy.
Coach Randall told the players that final cuts would be posted Wednesday. Aiden was certain he would make junior varsity. He was hoping to be at least a swingman between JV and varsity since he didn’t think he was experienced enough yet to be a full-time varsity player. His dad told him otherwise, reminding him how his team always seemed to play better when he was on the floor.
Aiden rode the activity bus home after practice. Phil had beef stew waiting for him for dinner. After eating, he did his homework and then went to work on the task his dads had assigned him.
That task involved his keeping track of the replies to the invitations sent out for the second annual Thanksgiving Feast. The year before it had started out as a family affair, but as the guest list grew so did the plans. Over seventy friends and relatives came from as far as Bellingham in state and from as far as Texas from out of state.
Aiden wasn’t expecting many replies. Most of the invitations had been answered and Aiden had entered the information into the Excel spreadsheet he had created. There were four replies on his desk next to his computer—two had arrived by USPS and two were printouts of emails.
The first was from Keegan, whose reply said he, Natalie, Drake, and the kid in the oven, would all be coming. “The kid in the oven won’t need a place to sit,” Keegan wrote, referring to the baby Natalie was expecting in February. Keegan said they would be staying at the Mayfield Inn.
Aiden entered the information into the spreadsheet. He quickly wrote an email to Keegan saying that Drake could stay over at his house. He had the choice of staying in the guest room, sleeping on a cot in the basement, or sleeping on the floor in the basement like a regular overnight. He said that there would be seven other boys staying overnight and named them: Chase, Logan, Eddie, Curt, and Darnell, who were coming from out of town.  Nolan would also be spending Thursday night because he was Nolan, which made him Aiden’s boyfriend, which meant he had to stay as far as Aiden was concerned. Mason would be staying a night as a reward for the help he had given Aiden in preparing for the Feast.
Ronnie was coming from out of town with his parents, but they would not be arriving until Thursday morning. Ronnie was hoping to talk his parents into letting him stay with Scott and/or Aiden Thursday and Friday nights.
About thirty minutes after Aiden had sent off his email, a reply came from Drake. “be staying with u. do I git to do the big nasty to u as a present?”
“Presents are given at Christmas time,” Aiden replied.
“ohhhhhh, I can hardly wait”
“You’ll have a tough time convincing Santa to give you that present.”
 “u wait n see. i have big influance with santa.”
“I should warn you that everybody spending Wednesday night at my house is going to be working. But we’ll have fun with it.”
Drake sent off the last email. “i’m a good worker. i wont even ask u 2 pay me LOL. c u then.”
Aiden looked over the seating chart that was laid out on the floor. The chart had been created with the help of his multi-talented friend, Mason. He was putting together the seating arrangements with help from his dads. He picked up some note cards, wrote the names of Keegan’s family, placed a piece of tape on the back, and assigned them to table four.
He went through the same procedure with the chart and cards for Mike the Donkey and Ryan the Dawg, Peter Astor and his father, and Marty’s mother, father, and little brother, Drew. Marty had texted Aiden his reply as soon as he received his invitation. He gave the almost filled in chart a satisfied look and chuckled when he thought about how he and Mason had worked well together all evening without ever talking off topic, or in this case, even thinking, about sex.
Aiden had planned out the seating with his dads in advance with the idea that some of the invitees could not attend, some might ask to bring extra guests, and others might request sitting next to certain friends. The replies Aiden had received that day all went as planned.
He scanned the seating chart and smiled when he read some of the names. Marty and Rich would be sitting at a big table with their families, including Marty’s little brother, Drew, who Aiden thought was the cutest little six-year-old in the world. Aiden was convinced that Drew was going to be a total hottie when he got to middle school. The fact that Marty agreed made that thought all but a fact.
He saw Eric and Noah. They would be sitting at a table with their families, which would include Noah’s brother, Nick. Jeffrey’s name popped up. The Hurricane always made things interesting. Two surprises on the seating chart were the Corcoran twins, Kraig and Kevin, who would be sitting with the Donkey and Ryan.
It was going to be a great Feast.
<Aiden and Kalie>
 “Welcome aboard bus number two, Aiden,” Mrs. Emerson grinned as Aiden climbed the steps onto the bus.
“What, you’re a flight attendant now?”
“I drive the school bus with the best service in the county,” the grandmother grinned.
“That’s for sure,” Aiden responded as he walked to where Kalie was sitting. As she had promised, the window seat was empty. She stood up and let him past as the bus moved away from the stop.
“You promised you wouldn’t touch my junk,” Aiden reminded Kalie.
“Just for today,” she smirked. “Besides, I can’t touch you there when we’re on the bus unless you say it’s okay.”
“So, why is it so important I sit in the window seat?” When Kalie kept the window seat open for Aiden, it usually meant she was horny and wanted to touch him and/or get touched by him.
“So, I can talk to you about sex, what do you think?” Aiden wondered why he had to sit in the window seat to talk about sex, but he decided to let it go. “Remember what you promised if we didn’t get an A on our report?”
“Yes, I do. So what? We got the A.”
“Since you promised to do it, that means you really don’t mind doing it with me, so you can still help Gordy out by doing it, you know, to me.” She looked around to make sure that nobody sitting near them was listening.
“Kalie, that promise doesn’t mean squat. I knew we were going to get an A and you knew we were going to get an A.”
“But it wasn’t totally for certain. Teachers do weird things sometimes.”
“Mr. Edison is a totally fair grader, we’re both totally awesome students, and we turned in a report that we knew kicked ass. Making that promise was safe.”
“No buts. We got the A, I don’t have to do what I said I would do, which means there is no way I’m going to do it.” He leaned in and put his mouth close to Kalie’s ear. “Gordy is gonna be your first and that’s the way it is.”
“Can I still play around with you?”
“Only on the third Tuesday of a month that happens to be an odd date in an even numbered month. And then only if I say it’s okay.”
The conversation ended as the bus pulled into the school driveway.
<Blake and Aiden>
Aiden showed up for basketball practice knowing that he had officially made the team. Coach Randall had informed him the day before that he would be a swing player. “I plan to have you practicing with the varsity to start and we’ll see how things develop from there,” the coach told his very excited player. While Coach Randall didn’t want to say this to Aiden quite yet, he strongly felt that Aiden would see little or no JV time if he practiced and played with his usual hustle and elan. The coach saw no reason outside of illness or injury why he shouldn’t be performing at his best.
Blake’s locker was next to Aiden’s. Even though they had been casual friends for a while, having adjoining lockers was helping them get to know each other better. Blake had overnighted at Aiden’s, so he wasn’t embarrassed about bringing up certain subjects.
“I’m not going to shower,” Blake told Aiden as he pulled off his practice jersey.
“Why? Don’t you work up pits?”
“Oh, I worked one up alright, but, I…um…have this problem.”
Aiden looked down at Blake’s crotch and was certain he detected a nice bulge in the front. “Boner?”
“Everybody gets them. I was told to just go in the shower boned up. Just don’t go strutting around showing it off. I’ve done it a couple of times in PE and so have some other guys. Except for Mac and his asshole friends, nobody cares as long as you don’t make a big deal out of it. I mean, you could end up being the next one getting one so you sure don’t want to give somebody else shit about it.”
“But, I’m sure mine is bigger than everybody’s.”
“Even the eighth graders?” Although Blake was thirteen, he had a mid-October birthday which was past the deadline for enrolling in the next grade up, which meant he was a seventh grader. A six-foot tall seventh grader who had yet to put meat on his bones.
“I don’t know since I’ve never seen one with a boner except for Trent. And I’m for sure bigger than him; by almost an inch.”
“I’ll bet Muddy is right up there with you. I haven’t seen him naked and boned up in a while, but he was way over six inches last time I saw him.” Muddy had been reluctant to turn out for basketball the year before, but Coach Randall encouraged him to turn out this year. He told Muddy this would be a learning year for him, but he was a big kid and there was a lot he could do with that size. The coach worked with him and some other boys, like Blake, during the fall and Muddy decided to give basketball a shot.
“I’m six and a quarter.”
“I think Muddy might be bigger.” Aiden pulled off his jock and his own four-inch erection snapped against his belly. “See what all this boner talk did to me?” he giggled. “Let’s go get laughed at together.”
They walked to the shower together, using their towels to partly cover themselves, and stepped into the shower area still sporting their erections. As Aiden predicted, nobody gave them trouble, and Blake’s went down as he washed himself.
“You must have been hornier than me,” Blake commented as he turned off his shower.
“Or maybe yours is so big it got tired of holding itself up.”
“Hmm, I haven’t had that problem yet,” Blake laughed. He followed Aiden back to their locker area feeling better about himself. He was glad he had Aiden as a friend. Even though Aiden was over a foot shorter and his cock was over two inches shorter than Blake’s, Blake looked up to Aiden as a big kid.
<Eddie and Chase>
“Well, that was an interesting shower,” Chase chuckled as he dried himself.
“That’s because you and me both like weird showers. That’s why I like showering with you—it gets fucking crazy,” Eddie said.
“Thanks for not aiming for my face.”
“I know I’m crazier than you, which isn’t easy to be, but even I won’t pee on your fucking face if you don’t have your eyes covered.”
“Well, you did get the rest of me, except my mouth,” Chase pointed out.
“That’s because I was excited and might have missed and hit your eyes.”
“You are so thoughtful.”
“I have to be, since you’re the only person I know who likes to do pee stuff. Logan does it but he don’t like it, and Curt won’t do it—so that leaves me with you. And I got no problem peeing in your mouth if you don’t mind it.”
The boys finished drying and stepped into Chase’s bedroom where Eddie had laid out his clothes. “Do you think it will be crazy at Aiden’s next week?” Eddie asked.
“Probably not, since Aiden doesn’t like doing this stuff much, not that he can’t be talked into doing it.”
“I didn’t mean pee stuff, I meant just crazy like it gets for an overnight.”
“All I know is, we’re going to have to help with the setup Wednesday night. I guess after that what happens depends on how much time is left. Now Thursday—that’s a whole different thing,” Chase smirked. “And I know we won’t see much of Logan if the twins are there, since he’s in love with them.”
“Whatever. Even if we don’t do a single sex thing it’s gonna be a fun time. Thanksgiving food will make up for no sex.”
“I can’t believe that’s you talking,” Chase said.
“Hey, Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving. It’s once a year. You can get sex almost every day.”
“You seem to be growing up, Eddie.”
“I have a good teacher,” Eddie said as he finished dressing.
“Thanks, dude. Now, let’s go see what mom is cooking up for brunch.”
<Eddie and Troy>
Troy Miller was sitting on the sunporch reviewing some paperwork for a legal brief when Eddie came out and sat down across from his dad.
“Hey Dad, can I ask a question?”
Troy was never too busy to talk with his kids. He put his paperwork aside and smiled at Eddie. "What's up?"
“Do you remember that kid named Blue that lived downtown with me and Curt?”
Troy frowned a bit. “I remember you mentioning him but I don't remember ever meeting him or knowing of him. Why?"
“I dunno - I've just been thinking about him a lot lately. I'm so lucky to be here with you and Mom. I just keep wondering if he's doing okay or if he's still on the street. I hope he's never gotten hurt or anything. I mean, he just plain disappeared before I came back to the camp. Bad things can happen to street kids and he might even be dead or something.”
“I’ll tell you, Eddie, I don't know how we would ever know. Blue must have been his nickname, right?”
Eddie shrugged. "I guess. I don't know why people called him that. He had really blue eyes - maybe that was why."
“Did you ever hear anybody call him by his real name?”
“Never. And he never told me his real name. Everybody just always called him Blue." Eddie frowned and looked at his dad. "Dad, you know lots of people that work with homeless kids. Is there anybody that might be able to help?”
“Eddie, without knowing a real name there really isn't anything I can do.”
Eddie could feel defeat, but he persisted. "Do you think we could drive down there and maybe I could look around and see if I could find him or see him? It’s, like, just a few days from Thanksgiving and he shouldn’t have to eat Thanksgiving dinner at some homeless shelter or something. It probably would be worse because he never wanted social workers and people like that seeing him.”
The last thing Troy wanted to do was lay the "I'm too busy" excuse on his son - even though he really was too busy to do what Eddie was asking. He was about to suggest looking for him next weekend, but the mention of Thanksgiving hit him hard. He could feel how important this was to Eddie. Oh well, he thought, I’ll just have to finish reading this stuff tomorrow. I’m sure Susan will be okay with my working on a Sunday when she finds out what this is about.  “Sure, let’s go find him.” 
Eddie offered his fist to his dad - Troy returned his bump. "Thanks, dad. That'd be awesome. When should I be ready?”
“See you in fifteen minutes.”
Eddie called Curt to see if he wanted to join them. Curt, who was visiting his friend Duncan, didn’t answer his phone or reply to a text. Eddie knew that Curt and Duncan planned on swimming at the family YMCA, so Curt’s phone was probably in his locker.
Eddie met Troy in ten minutes. Troy drove to the county courthouse employee parking lot, where he parked his car. He and Eddie then took the fifteen-minute walk to the freeway encampment.
“Are you going to wait for me here?” Eddie asked as they stood on the embankment overlooking the site.
“I’m not letting you go down there on your own, if that’s what you mean.”
“But, dad, I used to live here.”
“One of many good reasons for me to accompany you.”
“What’s one of the others?”
“I wouldn’t be doing my job as a parent by letting you go down into that…hovel…by yourself.”
Being homeless was one thing, Troy thought, as they made their way down the slope, but turning what home you had into a trash heap was something else. He had to give Eddie, Curt, and the mysterious Blue a lot of credit for surviving there.
“That’s Blue’s tent,” Eddie said as they came up to a blue and green tent. He saw a man carrying a box into the tent. “Or, I guess it was Blue’s tent.” Eddie knew that once a tent, or lean to, or any other kind of shelter was considered to be abandoned it was fair game. “Let’s see if Gil is still here.”
When they arrived at an old dirty gray tent, Eddie stood in front of the closed flaps. “Are you there, Gil?” Troy stood off to the side out of sight.
A dark hand opened the flap and an old African American man peered out of the opening. “Who’s asking?” he barked. He knew from the voice it was a young boy, or he might not have opened the flap. Curiosity motived him to take a look.
“It’s me, Eddie.”
The old man crawled out of the tent and stood up. He was not a big man to start with and with his slouching posture he only stood a couple of inches taller than Eddie. Gil gave the boy a close look as he compensated for his poor eyesight. “Well, I’ll be blessed, you is Eddie. But, you’s got your haircut and a bath and new clothes and how is this happening?”
Eddie pointed to Troy’s figure standing to the side of the tent. “He’s my dad, that’s how.”
“I thoughts your dad was a monster.”
“That’s my birth dad. He ain’t nothing to me no more. This is now my dad. Dad, this is Gil who helped me a ton when I was living here.”
Gil stuck out his hand and Troy took it. Gil wondered if Eddie had told Troy about how some of that help came in the form of whiskey and marijuana. Since Troy had given him a firm handshake, he surmised that Eddie had kept that a secret. “May God be my witness, never thought this boy would gets himself a real home to live in. I looks at him and sees a miracle. May God bless you, Mr…”
“You can call me Troy.”
“Well, Troy, what brings you to the hill?” Gil asked. “I knows it’s not cuz you’re lookin’ for good real estate.”
“I wanted to find out if you knew anything about Blue,” Eddie answered. “He was gone for, like, a week before me and Curt went into town and my dad took us to lunch.”
Gil knew there was a story there, but he elected to keep quiet and let Eddie tell it only if he wanted to. “I ain’t seen him since then either. Couple of young dudes, Homer and Jess, gots his tent now since he ain’t never come back. They be young, but they ain’t no little kids like you and your friends. So what you want to know about Blue for?”
“I just wanted to see if he was okay.”
“Can’t help you. But you know how words gets around, and I ain’t heard nothin’ about any dead boys being found. Say, speaking of missin’ boys, what happened to that little cute guy who disappeared the day you did?”
“He’s my brother now,” Eddie said proudly.
“Well, then Mr. Eddie, maybe your friend Blue gots himself a lunch from somebody just like you did.”
“What are you doing for Thanksgiving?” Troy asked.
“The Mission puts on a big feed, and I’ll be showing the new guys how it all works. They likes me at the Mission and gives me a bed and a shower sometimes. But I don’t wanna stay there cuz you gotta follow all the rules, and old Gil ain’t real good about following no rules.”
 “Thanks Gil, and thanks for helping me when I needed it.” He surprised the old man by giving him a hug. “Okay, Dad, I guess I found out all I can find out. Let’s go home.”
As Eddie and his dad trudged away from the encampment and up the slope, he looked back one final time at the blue and green tent. He and Blue had snuggled and fucked many times in that tent and, while Eddie knew he never wanted to go back to that kind of living, he still hoped he could someday find Blue.
“You did a good job, son,” Troy told Eddie later as he eased the car out of the parking lot. “Gil seems like quite a guy.”
“Yeah, everybody knows him there. That was nice of you to think about him for Thanksgiving even with us going to Mayfield.”
“I wanted him to know I appreciated him taking you under his wing.”
 “He did a lot of great things for us. I don’t know how he did it, but he gave us food sometimes, he gave us money or clothes. He never asked us to give him any favors back, which is why we liked him. But there is one thing.” Eddie decided he needed to come clean about Gil. He had been learning a lot about being honest, and that included not keeping secrets.
“What is that, son?”
“He also gave us booze and weed.”
“I suspected as much.”
“Can’t pull anything over on the lawyer, right?”
“Most of the time,” Troy smiled. “While I can’t say I approve, he may have eased a lot of pain with his…um…well, medicine.”
“I guess he did, but you know I had to get help to quit wanting it.”
Troy nodded. Every day he prayed that the rehab Eddie was going through would stick. “Sorry you didn’t learn anything about your friend.”
Eddie brushed away some tears. “I’m glad we went. I guess I know that I don’t know nothing. Thanks for doing this for me. You’re the best dad I could ever want, even if I didn’t deserve three days of restriction last week.”
Troy gave Eddie a light punch on his left arm and laughed as they crossed the Magnolia Bridge.
Mason rode Aiden’s bus after school. Because it was the day before a five-day holiday and school had let out early, Coach Randall did not schedule a basketball practice. Mason and Aiden sat in the seats behind Kalie and exchanged chatter with her.
“I can’t wait to see it,” Kalie said after Aiden told her that the final seating chart was almost finished.  Mason would be putting the final touches on the chart that would be posted on an easel at the entry way to the dining room.
“We’re going to have seaters, but you can look at the chart to see where somebody you know should be sitting so you can find them. Pop is giving the working chart to Tim the caterer tomorrow, but this chart is like a work of art.”
Mason blushed at the praise, but Aiden wasn’t exaggerating—Mason was as talented at art as he was at music, and this was some of his best work. They had debated whether to have Aiden take pictures to put on the chart, or for Mason to draw pictures directly on the chart. The debate was short-lived since it would be easier for Mason to draw pictures of turkeys than for Aiden to find a turkey to take a picture of. The final result was striking.
“I suppose after you finish with the chart, Mason is going to spend the night,” Kalie speculated.
“You know it,” Mason gushed.
“And you’re going to do boy stuff together.”
“You know it,” Mason repeated.
“I wish I could make it a three way. Well, you guys have fun.”
Wednesday was a day off school and Aiden’s overnight guests started showing up during the afternoon.  Larry took Mason home when he went to meet with the caterer.
Mason had spent Tuesday night sleeping with Aiden as Kalie predicted. They enjoyed two sixty-nines and Aiden loved the rim job he received from Mason. They had talked about fucking but decided that oral sex appealed to them more that evening. He would be staying again on Wednesday after the work party was finished.
Gordy was dropped off a half-hour later to spend the day with Aiden. The boys had the house to themselves since Phil was at work and Larry was working out last minute matters with Tim McKnight, the caterer. They stripped down to their underpants and were sitting on the loveseat in the TV room watching a movie when the doorbell rang the opening notes of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.
Aiden checked the time and saw it was a few minutes before noon; too early for the expected guests. Aiden elected to answer the door in just his socks and underpants; if the person at the door didn’t like it, nobody said he had to come. Gordy hustled down the basement stairs to avoid being seen.
Since Sammy and Jeffrey were the ones at the door, Aiden’s lack of attire wasn’t an issue. The Bednarzyk brothers liked what they saw, thinking that he might even be a tad bit overdressed.
“Hey, handsome, you look good in that outfit,” Jeffrey grinned. “I think you would look good in that at the feast tomorrow, although I’d put some flashy colored briefs on instead of those boring white Fruits.”
“Fruits for a fruit,” Sammy giggled as Aiden ushered them in.
“No matter what undies I wore, they would be covered by some good clothes.”
“Damn, talk about boring. I didn’t take you for a wuss,” Jeffrey said.
When Gordy heard who was at the door, he came back up the stairs. “Whoa, check it out. We also have a straight boy in nothing but undies,” Sammy said. “And this boy has some very nice boxers on.” Gordy was wearing a pair of Seahawks boxers. “How is the unfruit today?” Sammy wanted to ask if the fruit and the unfruit were having some erotic fun but followed the dictums of the AA program and paused. At that point he could see that his question would not be appropriate.
“I’m good,” Gordy replied, taciturn as usual.
“What brings you guys to my house?” Aiden asked.
“I want to talk to Coach Larry. Is he home?” Jeffrey asked.
“Nope, he’s busy with stuff for the big feast.”
“Well, hell. I guess we’ll talk later, then. Tell him and Coach Phil we stopped by, or at least I did, since I am the ex-celebrity player. Sammy is just a scrub coming along to hold my jock.”
“I can do that. Do you want him to call you?”
“If he wants, but I’ll see him tomorrow.”
“And Sammy is not a jock holding scrub—he’s my sponsor which makes him a celebrity in my book.”
“Thanks, Aiden,” Sammy said. “I’m glad I have somebody to protect me from my big brother.”
“Aiden can become a celebrity too,” Jeffrey said.
“How?” Aiden asked.
“Well, a beautiful boy like you has to have some beautiful wares being hidden by those boring briefs, so you might want to show us what you’re hiding. And maybe while you’re at it, you can ask your straight friend for undies fashion advice.”
“I might freak out Sammy,” Aiden giggled.
“I’m willing to take my chances,” Sammy said.
Aiden pulled his briefs half-way down his thighs, exposing his erection protruding from his hairless crotch. “Satisfied?”
“My day has been fulfilled,” Jeffrey swooned. “You’d look even better in that suit at the feast, tomorrow.”
“Let’s get going, bro,” Sammy pleaded. While his little head, which was swelling with the rest of his penis, told him to see how far this would go, his big head, which took his obligations to his sponsee very seriously, said it was time to end the fun.
Like Sammy, Jeffrey wouldn’t have minded continuing the fun, but he understood Sammy’s commitment to Aiden as well as his own responsibilities as an adult. The brothers went down the steps to the driveway and Jeffrey’s car as Aiden stood at the open front door with his briefs still down his thighs. Jeffrey took a quick glance back and adjusted his hardening cock.
“In a lot of ways, being sixteen was a lot more fun than this responsible adult shit,” he lamented to Sammy.
Sammy remembered when, as a twelve-year-old, he shot his cum on eight-year-old Aiden on the day they first met. “Tell me about it, bro. I’m fifteen and I already have to be responsible.”
“The imp gave you a boner, didn’t he?”
“Nobody’s home at our house and my bed hasn’t hosted a good sexy romp in a long time. How about you and I give it a workout?”
“Sounds like a plan to me,” Sammy replied, his teen voice tinged with lust.
“I can’t believe you did that,” Gordy told Aiden after the brothers left.
“Sometimes I like to shock Sammy. You remember what he did to me when I was little.”
“Yeah, although he didn’t mean to cum on you.”
“So he says, but sometimes I gotta get revenge anyway.”
“I don’t know if that was revenge, Aiden. I think he liked what he saw.”
“Would you like to look at it closer?”
Gordy pondered the question for a moment and then said, “Do you mean do I want to give you a blow job?”
“Or jerk me off. I’ll return either favor.”
“You and me haven’t done a lot of messing around together for a while.”
“You’ve been busy with Kalie. I think we’ll do even less together when you finally poke her.”
“Don’t bet on it, since I won’t be doing that for a long time. But if we go up to your room, I’ll trade BJs with you.”
Which is what they did. First Gordy sucked Aiden and then Aiden sucked Gordy. Aiden hoped he had another orgasm in him for that evening just in case somebody was horny after they finished with the setup.
“You did a great job of sucking for a dude that’s not gay,” Aiden told his friend.
“I had a good teacher,” Gordy responded. “Between you and Mason I learned from the two best cocksuckers in Mayfield. Even straight kids can learn to give a good blow job.”
“You done good. You give as good as anybody when you’re up for it.”
“I know that I don’t always want to do it. I guess that’s part of me growing up.”
Aiden gave Gordy a hug and a quick kiss on the lips. “I don’t care. You’re my best friend and you do what makes you happy, because you know it will make me happy.”
“Best thing that ever happened to me was you moving to Mayfield. I know I’ll give thanks for that tomorrow. And maybe I’ll even let you do my butt someday.”
“Like I said, whatever makes you happy makes me happy.”
<Overnight Company>
Gordy’s mother picked him up at three. They would pick up Miles, who would be joining them for supper. He and Gordy would be spending the night together in Gordy’s bed. Miles knew that Gordy’s bed was not where the “real” sex was, but Gordy was one of his very best friends. In Gordy’s understated way, they always found a way to get off together whenever he and Miles spent the night together.
Larry arrived soon after Gordy left. “What did Tim say about our table arrangement?” Aiden asked his pop. He was referring to the caterer for the Thanksgiving Feast. Larry had given him a copy of the seating chart Aiden and Mason had constructed.
“He said it made good use of the available tables, chairs, and space. He wished everybody was that prepared for a big event. You and Mason should be very proud of yourselves.” Before Aiden could duck, Larry mussed his hair, which made him want to run off to his room screaming. However, he kept his poise and thanked his Pop for the praise.
“If he thinks that was something special, wait until he sees the chart we’re going to post tomorrow in the dining area. Mason has created a masterpiece.”
“I’ve seen it, and everybody is going to be impressed. Mason is quite a talented little fellow, that’s for sure.”
“Yes, he is.” And in more ways than you know, Aiden thought. Aiden would be surprised that Larry knew a great deal about Mason’s sexual proclivity even if he wasn’t aware of the boy’s specific talents in that regard.
The first guest to arrive was Darnell, who came with his father, Tyson, just after four. Larry greeted his old friend with a hug while Darnell and Aiden exchanged a hug as well as a kiss on the lips. Aiden and Darnell retreated to Aiden’s room while Tyson and Larry sat in the visitor’s room to catch up on current times and discuss old times.
“Your room is totally rad as always,” Darnell raved. “I love the train.”
“I like it,” Aiden agreed. “I thought it was awesome that you and me could kiss right in front of our dads without being worried about what they think.”
“I’m sure my dad thought us kissing was pretty cool.”
“Mine too. I mean he’s seen Nolan and me kiss each other seriously, like, with tongue.”
“Dad’s seen me kiss before, including with you and Eddie and Tucker and Conrad. He might even think I’m gay if I’m not careful.”
“You mean you’re not?” Aiden asked as he punched Darnell lightly on his shoulder.
“I think my dad’s thinking might be right,” Darnell giggled.
Their chatter was interrupted by the arrival of Keegan and his family. Aiden and Darnell went back downstairs to meet them. They could see that Natalie, who was now six months pregnant, was looking, well, pregnant. Drake was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt even though the outside temperature was in the upper forties. At fifteen, he felt it necessary to project the image of a macho teen; and he wanted to be sure everybody noticed all the little hairs that were growing on his calves.
When it came to greeting Aiden and Darnell, however, his gay side overruled his macho side and once again hugs and quick kisses were exchanged.
“Where am I sleeping?” Drake asked.
“Are you ready for bed already?” Aiden responded with an air of innocence.
Drake made sure the parents were out of earshot before saying, “Beds are for more than sleeping, dork.”
“And you know what I said about what we’ll be doing tonight.”
“And after we work our asses off for Aiden the slave driver, we’re going to need some bed recreation more than ever.”
“Well, if you put it that way, as the oldest visitor you get the bed in the guest room to rest your ancient bones.”
“I liked you better before you turned twelve; you were a hell of a lot sweeter.”
“But not near as sexy,” Aiden smirked,
Drake lugged his travel bag up the stairs to the guest room. He had been at Aiden’s house often enough to know where things were. He then joined the group in the visitors’ room.
“We’ve been waiting to tell everybody the big news,” Keegan said. “Even Drake doesn’t know this.” His statement was followed by a long pause.
“Dad, I know you’re going to tell us about the baby, so quit keeping us in suspense,” Drake grumbled.
Keegan chuckled and went on. “It appears Drake is going to have a little brother.”
“Oh, fucking yes!!!!! Do I get to name the little critter?” 
“That is a topic for a later discussion. But, your mom and I will love it if you helped us put together a baby boy’s bedroom.”
 “Sounds like fun. The first thing it’ll need is a kick-ass computer!” Drake paused a moment. “I guess I don’t remember what my bedroom looked like. It was probably a dump anyway.”
“Well, it wasn’t the most glorious place for a little baby, but it was adequate,” his mother told him. Natalie was Drake’s birth mother’s sister and moved from status of aunt to stepmother when she and Keegan officially adopted him.
Since Keegan was Aiden’s birth father, that made the relationship between him and Drake more complicated than either one wanted to deal with. Between them they agreed that they were cousins and left it at that.
The three boys went down to the basement to play games. “All you need to make this room complete is a pool table,” Drake said.
“Then we’d never have time to play anything,” Aiden said.
About fifteen minutes later Phil arrived with Nolan. Everyone decided that Phil picking up Nolan after work, was the most efficient way to get him from Meadow Park to Mayfield.
Nolan had shared at least six kisses with his boyfriend when the Seattle Miller clan arrived, which added four more young adolescent boys to the mix. The adults agreed that chaos would now reign supreme until, and probably long after dinner was served, while the boys were certain that they had everything under control.
Dinner was macaroni and cheese with hamburger baked into it. Phil had cooked it up the night before, so all Larry had to do was warm it up. The boys took charge of setting the dining room and kitchen tables and managed to place everything properly.
After dinner the boys helped with cleanup and then met with Phil, Larry, and Aiden to learn how the setup at the community center was slated to work. They then went to the center in separate vehicles driven by Troy Miller and by Larry. Larry drove the Honda Odyssey, carrying Aiden, Darnell, Logan, and Nolan. They made a stop to pick up Kalie and then Gordy and Miles. They had volunteered to help with the setup. Troy, with Phil acting as navigator, carried Chase, Eddie, Curt, and Drake. They picked up Mason before parking at the Community Center. Grant was dropped off at the center by his mother.
The setup went smoothly. The tables and chairs were set up according to the seating chart on display. Place mats, decorations (some designed by Mason, Brittany, and Kalie), silverware, plastic tablecloths, and other accoutrements were laid out. When Mason’s final seating chart was placed on the easel, there were a lot of oohs and ahs from admirers.
“How many people are coming?” Eddie asked.
“Seventy-two said they would be coming,” Aiden replied.
“That’s a lot.”
“Yep, and it will be a ton of fun like it was last year.”
After they finished, the volunteers who had been picked up were dropped off at their homes, except for Mason and Grant. Mason was spending the night as a reward for all his work and dedication. Grant was spending the night because Aiden wanted to get Grant involved with his out of town friends and family.  Phil and Larry were happy Aiden noticed Mason’s effort. They certainly did as, not for the first time, Mason showed that there was more to him than the image of the immature little boy he often projected.
As the boys snacked and played games in the basement, they also discussed sleeping arrangements. After much debate and trading, they came up with a plan, that was sure to be changed once it was implemented.
Drake and Darnell would share the bed in the guest room. Drake thought about rolling around in the basement with any available naked bodies, but he found Darnell to be not only a sweet, sexy boy for a twelve-year-old, he was fascinated by the exoticism of his dark skin.
Chase and Aiden would sleep together in Aiden’s bed, something they had arranged just after the Miller family invitations were returned.
Downstairs in the basement, the pairings were Nolan with Logan, Mason with his one-time nemesis Eddie, and Curt with Grant.
When Drake learned that Darnell was not a virgin, he asked if he could sample his rear end. Darnell was more than happy to say yes. While Drake liked boys of his own age or older better, he had no problem playing around with younger ones, especially if the boy’s name was Aiden.
“You’re fifteen, right?” Darnell asked.
“Yep, and a sophomore.”
“And you’re how big?”
“Six inches.”
“Then you’ll be the oldest and biggest to do me.”
“I feel honored,” Drake said sincerely. “And you’re going to be my youngest.”
“Well, then I feel honored, too. Oh, do we have lube?”
Drake reached into the pocket of the pants he had long ago shed and dropped on the floor. He held up a tube of lube. “I always come prepared, and I wasn’t even a boy scout.”
After they finished, their sweaty bodies clinging together, Darnell commented on how great having Drake’s man-sized cock in him felt. Drake complimented Darnell on how tight his ass was. Both boys felt very satisfied and enjoyed a great night’s sleep together.
The plans for Aiden’s bed had been laid out a couple of weeks before. Because they would be having sex on Aiden’s bed, Aiden wanted to top his older cousin.
“What, you don’t have the stamina to go both ways the same night?” Chase had asked when they chatted on the phone.
“I’m twelve, what do you think? And what about you, old man?”
“Who are you calling old? I’m fourteen and in my prime. Drake is the old man around here.”
“Good point.”
They eventually agreed that Aiden would do Chase first and then Chase would return the favor. The arrangement worked half-way. While Aiden was recovering from taking care of his older cousin, he fell asleep. Chase had seen all of the work Aiden had been doing and understood his little cousin being worn out. He promised himself that the next time they shared a bed, Aiden would choose what he wanted.
After taking care of their pre-bed business, the boys in the basement turned out the lights and chatted. They talked about oral sex, about anal sex, about switching partners, and about having an orgy with Aiden not being there, but it was all talk.
In the end, Mason showed Eddie he forgave him all the bad things he had said and done to him by giving him one of his expert blow jobs. Eddie offered to return the favor, but Mason declined.
“You can get me some other time. But, if you let me get next to you and rub my dick on you before we get to sleep, that would be cool. I hardly cum, sometimes a drop, so I won’t get you messed up.” Eddie was okay with that and ended up falling asleep while Mason slowly rubbed his little cock along Eddie’s left ass cheek until he had a dry orgasm.
Nolan and Logan had enjoyed anal sex together in Logan’s bed when Nolan visited Seattle with Aiden. Logan was disappointed the twins couldn’t be there, but that was no reason not to enjoy sex with his cousin’s boyfriend.
They each took a turn as a top. This time, Nolan was the top as Logan lay back and enjoyed Nolan’s cock filling him as he jerked himself off. The eleven-year-old had two dry cums back-to-back before Nolan shot his load into the boy’s ass.
“Two in a row before I could cum? Dang, Logan, you are a total horn dog.”
“I haven’t done anything for three days,” Logan explained.
“Oh. Well, in that case you’re a horn dog ready to become a total horn dog.”
“That’s cool. I hope I get a boyfriend like Aiden has or like Chase has someday.”
“Are you talking Aiden and me as boyfriends?”
“Yep, and Chase has Dillon. I got a best friend named Royce and we mess around a lot, but he doesn’t like sucking me very often and he won’t do butt. But he’ll jerk me off and he likes for us to rub off on each other.”
“But he’s an awesome friend, right?” Nolan asked.
“The best.”
“Then enjoy what you can get. Your time will come—either with Royce or with somebody else.”
“I sure hope so. But, I’m kinda shy and that makes it hard to find a boyfriend when most boys aren’t gay.”
“You’re sure not shy when Aiden and I are around.”
“That’s different. You guys aren’t my school friends or sports friends.”
“I get it,” Nolan said, although he really wasn’t sure that he did.
Grant was just learning about sex while Curt liked doing it with just a few people, so they kept things low key. Curt thought Grant was cute and a nice kid, so he engaged in mutual masturbation with Grant, which satisfied them both.
Even with everyone having some sexual fun, all ten boys were asleep long before they had planned.
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