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August 17, 2019: Ten Days Later ... Another Chapter!
Posted by AC

Just to show that Billy Yes and Bill W are not the only ones slaving over keyboards instead of enjoying the summer weather .... Paul Schroder has given us Chapter 2 of his latest story, "A Child of the 50's"!

I think you're going to love this one, and please don't forget to email Paul and welcome him back!



August 8, 2019: New Story on the Cafe!
Posted by AC

As I warne... I mean promised you, Paul Schroder is back with a brand-new story, and Chapter One is now live for your reading pleasure!

In case you didn't catch it - Darkhuntsman also posted new chapters of his main / alternate storyline pair of stories. 

And to add to the fun, BillW gave us another chapter of Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 3!

I hope that you're enjoying the busy week, it seems I started something when I posted a new chapter of Memories Book 3 on the 4th! As always, your emails are the only payment these authors ask for in return for the awesome job that they do writing these stories. 



August 4, 2019: It's time to kick back...
Posted by AC

... and spend time with the boys of Clan Short!

That's right; the newest chapter of Memories part 3, "Meltdown", has just been posted to the Cafe! I'll be honest, the boys inserted some twists that even I didn't expect, but in the end it all made sense. I'll warn you, you'll want to hold on to your seats in a few spots!

Also, keep a close eye on the Cafe this week, as I have the first chapter of Paul Schroder's new story in edit right now, and will be posting it within the next few days. It'll be worth the wait, believe me!

Have a great week!



July 29, 2019: He's BAACCKKK!
Posted by AC

It's been a while, but one of our long-time authors has given us something new to ponder! Please join me in welcoming back Paul Schroder as he gives us an awesome short story, proving that the break has only made him better!

"The Jock" by Paul Schroder Posted July 28, 2019

Not to forget our other VERY active authors, there have been recent posts from Stannie, Pyro, Boudreaux, Lindon Weztser, and Bill W... it would make this post WAYY too long to list all the stories that they have updated, but fortunately the Newest Chapter list never fails to keep track for us!

Have an awesome week!



July 14, 2019: Lincoln 26
Posted by Lindon Weztser

Hi everyone,

Just and update here, so Chapter 26 will be posted this Tuesday or Wednesday. I just finished the chapter and it needs to go to editing still, but it shouldn't take too long. Also for anyone interested, I've had a mailing list for readers to receive updates on chapter posting. If you are interested in being added to it, just send me a email at with the subject line as mailing list! 

Looking forward to releasing the chapter and getting everyone's feedback! 



July 4, 2019: Let the fireworks commence!
Posted by AC

For those of you in the US, I hope that you have a happy and safe Independance Day. (For those of you in the UK, we understand if you tip back a few pints to celebrate getting rid of us pesky Colonials!)

I just completed a move into a new house -- much more room and less issues with noisy neighbors, so once I figure out where the heck i put everything I can possibly get in some quality time to finish the partial chapters I have done .... you'll have to wait to see which story wins the lottery though!

As a special holiday present, Bill W has given us another chapter of Castaway Hotel: Next Generation book 3 ... I'll admit it, I had to read the chapter first before I could take the time to announce it. If you have not read the Castaway Hotel saga, you really need to -- Bill W has done an awesome job of following the Curry family through muliple generations with new twists at every turn!

I'll see y'all soon -- I've got an appointment with a few bottles of lager!



June 7, 2019: Another Long Overdue Update Post
Posted by dBarber1

Since AC is still working hard and not having time to update here is the recent Story Updates


Ch10-16 of Book One of Joel by Ted Louis


Ch 15-23 of Book 3 Of Castaway Hotel by Bill W


Ch 12-13 of Missing by Stannie


Ch 16-18 of Dante, My Inferno by BillyYes


Ch 10 of Book 3 of Finding My Way Home, Ch 12 of Expanding Horizons, Ch 10 of Fantasy Faire, Ch 22 of Flea Market Sausage and Ch 4 of Gifts by Boudreaux


Ch 35-37 of Voyagers by the Voyagers Authors


Ch 1 of unBroken by the unBroken Authors


Ch 36 of Memories Part 3 by ACFan


Interlude to Dragon Earl Book 2, The Lost Dragon Down Under Memories, a Societal Commentary Titled Words To Live by and another Commentary Titled Pride Day ~ Good Bad or Indifferent? by The Story Lover


Ch 8 of Starting Over by Pyro


Ch 13 of Missing by Stannie


Ch 7 of FCS: Las Vegas by True Fan


Hopefully things will calm down soon and AC will again have some free time to enjoy things like being able to sleep in and not having a certain Mikyvis slow down time so he can get everything he needs done.





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