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May 19, 2019: More to keep you occupied during bad weather - Memories III Chapter 36
Posted by AC

Just to prove that I have not forgotten, I have also been working on Memories while I was collaborating with Jeff and Lindon on 'unBroken'!

So tonight I'm giving you another peek into the lives of the boys of Alpha Prime, as the boys work to help one of their newest members begin the path to recovery.

Beware the Bear, as he has no mercy when injured!



May 18, 2019: Surprise! Something new!
Posted by AC

What happens when you put three insane authors in a locked room and tell them to cooperate?

You get a story that makes you wonder just how they managed to pull it off.

The subjects of this experiment are ACFan, Lindon Weztser, and JeffP ... and the end result is a little story we call "unBroken"! Chapter One is now live, and we're all waiting to hear what you think.

Just look for us under the name "unBroken Authors" -- anything the three of us put together is going to be under that name.

We all hope you enjoy the story!

ACFan, for the unBroken Authors

May 6, 2019: Welcome Ted Louis! Plus a quick recap...
Posted by AC

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Ted Louis!

He has graciously given TSL's Home and the Cafe permission to co-mirror his story "Joel" on our sites, which kinda caused a posting blitz to get everything caught up as much as possible. My apologies to all for the flood, but he's been writing longer than me, so there was a lot there!

Thank you for your support, and I hope that you enjoy this story as much as I have over the years!

For those who missed it, "Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 3" by Bill W has been updated, as well as "Project: New Horizon" by Darkhuntsman, "The Music In The Painting" by JuJu, "Dante, My Inferno" by BillyYes, "Fantasy Faire" by Boudreaux, "Voyagers" by Voyagers Authors, and "Societal Commentaries" by The Story Lover.

There's more to come from all of us, so have fun!


May 3, 2019: Our Second Spring Short Story Event ~ Pride Day - Good, Bad, or Indifferent
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Pride Day - Good, Bad, or Indifferent:

Do you celebrate it? Should it be Celebrated? Why or Why Not? How Do you Celebrate it? We are looking for insightful words about something that has a lot of people talking about it.

All entries should be in by Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, 2019, at 9:00 PM PDT (give or take a day or three.)

Entries should be between 500 to 15,000 words give or take.

Send your submission to Spring Short Story Pride Event.

Stories will be posted on June 1, 2019, the start of Pride Month.

Happy Writing,

May 1, 2019: Spring Short Story Event Reminder
Posted by The Story Lover

Fred asked me to post this reminder:

Posted by Fred DeElve

What is it? Well, you take two different stories by two different authors (The Fine Print - They can be the same author if you want.), put them together and run with it. As always, you must have permission from the authors involved to use their story and characters. For Example - Sentenced to Haven, Dragons Across Space, The Operant Unconscious Memories, Another Priorities, or you can create your own title. However, you do need to give attribution to the authors whose stories you are combining. Have fun go wild and crazy. Did I say have fun yet? Yeah, do that!

I will post stories Monday, May 27, 2019, on Memorial Day.

  1. All entries should be in by Friday, May 24, 2019, at 9:00 PM PDT (give or take a day or three.)
  2. Entries should be between 500 to 15,000 words give or take.
  3. Send all submissions to Spring Short Story Event.

Happy Writing,

Fred De Elf JPG

April 21, 2019: Happy Easter!
Posted by AC

Hey everyone! From all of the authors of the Cafe, may all of you who celebrate have a Happy and Safe Easter!

As DBarber mentioned, things have been a little nuts for me in real life - don't worry though, I am sneaking in words on the next chapter when I can, so all is not lost. I've been given a couple of twists for the next one that i think you'll enjoy, so stay tuned!

As summer approaches, I'm hoping for a few surprises that will make everyone's day on the story front, as all of our active authors switch into summer writing mode ... sunlight does strange things to us author-types!

Enjoy the holiday... and remember - if you eat the chocolate bunny's mouth first, he can't scream when you bite off his butt or ears!




April 20, 2019: Here's What You've Been Waiting For Part 2
Posted by dBarber1

Since ACFan is still busy with work I guess it falls to me to do the updates again. Juju has brought us Chapters 20-21 as well as a re-edited copy of Ch 1 of his story The Music in the Painting as well. The Voyagers Authors have brought us a good bit of updates starting with chapters 33-34 of Voyagers, an update to the SS Sooloo Duty Roster, a chart of the families and couples aboard the Sooloo and an update to the Glossary for the Voyagers Story. Ch 15 of Project New Horizon by Darkhuntsman is also posted as well. Lindon Weztser has also brought us an update with his posting of Ch 25 of Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected. An Addendum to the Revised version of Can You Spare A Quarter by Tigerpaw is another one of the updates that’s been posted. We also have 3 updates from the author Pyro which are Ch 6 of Starting Over, Cody and Joel, and Ch 1 of The Lonely Prince. The Castaway Hotel by Bill W has had Two new chapters posted as well, Looking Forward to a Fresh Start, and Ignoring the Broom in the Corner. Finally, we have a Societal Commentary by The Story Lover titled Who Will Answer and Boudreaux has brought us Ch 9 of his story Fantasy Faire.

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