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February 17, 2018: The Second Ask The Author Interview Has Been Scheduled
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,


Beldro the Magnificent will be giving the second scheduled Ask The Author Interview on the FFS Asylum Discord Channel. This interview will be hosted by The Story Lover with the assistance of the other FFS Admins.

The first interview with True Fan went really well, so get your questions ready for Beldro The Magnificant next Saturday, February 24, 2018, at 18:00 EST, 15:00 PST, or 23:00 UTC. 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM UTC.

To participate just click on the following link ~ FFS Asylum Discord Discord Accounts are free and only take a few minutes to set up.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of readers and authors next Saturday, so come and join the fun.



February 17, 2018: Fort Family Discord Server
Posted by True Fan

For those of you who are not aware, the Fort Family of Sites has a Discord Server. It's called the FFS Asylum. Come join in on the insanity!

As of now we have over 30 members, many of them are Authors of your favorite stories. ACFan, JeffP, Lindon Wezter, Beldro the Magnificent, TSL...

If you wish to join, follow this link: FFS Asylum Discord


On Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 3pm Eastern, we will host the first ever "Ask the Author" interview.

It will start at 3pm EST (noon, PST, assuming the author is awake by then) and will last until it ends, but not later than 5pm EST.

The Guest for this week will be yours truly. TrueFan.

Get your questions ready and join us... it's sure to be a blast!



February 15, 2018: More Str8mayb & More MultiMapper
Posted by The Story Lover

With two more chapter of Shadeside Book Two by MultiMapper, Book Two is now complete Book Three will appear soon.

We now have Str8mayb's Fire Book Two and 316 both from the Haven Universe.


February 14, 2018: The Cupid's Arrows Short Stories Have Flown In
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

 We have an incredulous collection of Cupid missing with his arrows they range from the Romantic to the I Can't believe you wrote that. They are all a lot of fun to read. They have arrived in alphabetical order:

  • It Came From Denny's: From Coffee With Love by Akeentia ~ Yes folks he is back writing!
  • Stupid Cupid 's Bent Arrows by Art West
  • Was It Cupid or Was It Morphine? by Boudreaux
  • Cupid Lets One Rip by Brynmor
  • Cupid Steps In by Jeff's Fort aka Jeff P.
  • Don't Screw With My Family by Maxieplus
  • Cupid's Arrows ~ 2018 by Silver Wolf
  • The Twisted Princess or is it Prince? by The Story Lover
  • Cupid Missed by True Fan
  • Cupid's Arrows ~ 2018 by Zarek Dragon

Thanks to all of the wonderful authors for their entries, please don't forget to write to the authors and let them know that you read their stories.

Fred The Elf

All of the stories are available at the following link =



February 13, 2018: FCS: Las Vegas Rides Again!
Posted by True Fan

Chapter 3 of FCS: Las Vegas is awaiting you! 

I hope you enjoy the next installment of life at the Desert Division of Family Clan Short! Thanks for all your feedback, keep it coming!


This has been an exciting week for all of us here at the Cafe. We've seen record numbers of chapters read, record numbers of posts, and record numbers (I think) of new Authors.



February 11, 2018: To our readers...
Posted by AC

I have always believed that the Fort Family readers were awesome, and these last few days have proved it!

All of us site owners have access to statistics which give us a count of how many chapters have been read in stories. When a new chapter, story, or author goes live, each of us watches to make sure that they are getting exposure and not being buried. Mattering how busy it gets, that means we might make temporary adjustments to the amount of new chapters shown on the main page, or we will do a special news summary. Since January 1st, not only has the Cafe' had a record number of new chapters up until now, but I have found that even with as busy as it has been you readers are still finding previous updates and reading them at the same pace as you would in slower months.

To the Cafe' authors, I congratulate you on how well your stories have held up under this surge - it proves that you really do write awesome stories when your readership does nothing but increase in quantity and speed in accessing new chapters. You guys are the reason for the Cafe', and I'm proud of how all of you continue to gain more followers.

I would like to give a quick summary of the 2018 posts to date, just to acknowledge everyone who has contributed to this awesome start to the new year:

There you have it as of now; an amazing 91 chapters in under one-and-one-half months!

Thank you Authors and Readers for chosing the Cafe'; you're all the BEST!


February 11, 2018: ANOTHER NEW AUTHOR???
Posted by True Fan

ACFan said that I've lost my last marble? What do you say to adding a 3rd new Author to the Cafe in as many days?

We'd like to welcome DouglasDD to the Cafe with his story "Rough Edges." The first two chapters are being posted tonight and the rest will show up over the near future. Join me in welcoming DouglasDD!

If you enjoy his story, let him know!



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