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March 31, 2020: Project New Horizon and New Dawn Chapter Twenty
Posted by Darkhuntsman

Hello everyone, after quite a bit of writer's block, I have returned with Chapter twenty, a bit of a smaller chapter. Hope everyone is keeping safe and inside in these troubling times.


March 31, 2020: Something for you to use to explain to the kids...
Posted by AC

The following link is to a You-Tube video that gives an age-appropriate explaination about the CoronaVirus for the younger family members of our readers. Please feel free to spread it around!

(Big Thanks to TJ for passing this on to us!)


Stay safe!


March 15, 2020: unBroken 2 now live!
Posted by AC

Hello all!

First things first -- myself, Lindon, and JeffP finally managed to write another chapter of unBroken - and it is now live! This chapter took quite a bit out of all of us - it wasn't easy, but it was necessary.

Also, instead of giving you ANOTHER e-mail, I'll tell you that this site is 100% corona-virus free - always has been, always will be! So feel free to browse new stories while you self-isolate (Hey, if they're gonna pay you to sit at home, enjoy it!)



March 1, 2020: Lincoln - 28 (Cooper)
Posted by Lindon Weztser

Hey everbody,

Hope everyone is doing well! Chapter 28 will be posted tonight around 7:30pm-8:30pm EST. The chapter is long, but no where near the size of the last one! Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and look forward to hearing your feedback!



January 29, 2020: Monsters are real :-(
Posted by AC

I know I normally never do this, but this once I'm drawing attention to a commentary that has been posted.

You may have noticed that TSL posted a repost of something I found in my Facebook feed. Nobody is sure who wrote it, but any of us who have been there can identify with it and the lesson it teaches.

Please, no matter if you have been abused or not, read the "Monsters are Real" in The Story Lover's Societal Commentaries, and share it with everyone you can. Unfortunately, it mirrors reality all too well.

Thank you, and please say a prayer tonight for the young ones to get help escaping the monsters.



January 26, 2020: A Little Extra ....
Posted by AC

While I'm in the process of reviewing all of Memories Part 3 to ensure I have all the pieces I need for the next chapter, our favorite HQ AI decided that he wanted to give all of you readers a little insight from his end. Also, there was a request by a reader for something, and I have found a proper response!

I hope you're all enjoying the latest posts on the Cafe, and rest assured there is more coming!



January 21, 2020: A new chapter of Memories now live
Posted by AC

First off, a warning -- this chapter was posted under the influence of NyQuil - so I am not responsible for any errors!

With Tommy Short in the lead, the Clan boys begin the process of acclimitizing the Schaffer family to their new home. As can be expected, Tommy uses his own style to do it, which leads to some ... interesting .... developments.

I hope you enjoy it, and as always, please let our authors know if you like their stories!


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