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September 15, 2018: 2018 Fall Short Story Event ~ A Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise!
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers & Authors,

The 2018 Fort Family of Sites Fall Short Story Event's theme is: A Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise! ~ You and your family (who do not know you're gay) decide this year to go out for their Thanksgiving Feast. Mid-way through the meal, someone stops by your table. You are horrified to find out it was a guy you just started dating, who doesn't know you're not out to your family...

As usual, this event is open to all readers and authors of the Fort Family Sites, however, if anyone knows of an author from another site that would like to enter this even just ask them to click on the following link Story Submissions. My staff and I would love to see lots of new authors entering this year.

The rules/guidelines are as follows: Must be theme related should be a minimum of 500 words and no longer than 15,000 words. These are not carved in stone, so please submit away. Submissions are due no later than Midnight PDT on November 17, 2018. All submissions will be posted on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018. Please include the theme title: A Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise! in the title of your story. In case you forgot the email address for submissions is A Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise!

Some pretty amazing stories have come out of the Short Story Events and some wonderful New Authors as well. My Staff and I will be busy posting the previous Fall Short Story Events over the next few weeks.

Happy writing,

Fred The Elf









September 9, 2018: Our favorite Cajun is at it again....
Posted by AC

Boudreaux is having some fun, and it's overflowing the borders of the Story categories!

As of now, after months of discussion where he was filling me in on the plans and plotline of "Twists of Time", the decision has been made that he unintentionally wrote another story in the Clan Short Universe.  As such, it is now listed as CSU on the Cafe, and will be updated on other sites as soon as practical.  There will be no real changes to the plotline of the story, it is just now listed where it should be.



September 1, 2018: The Midsomer Short Story Event Submissions Are Live!
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

The Midsomer Shory Event with the theme of A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object has arrived and the submissions are now live. The Authors and their stories will be listed in alphabetical order, that is except for the very first story, and you will see why that is.

We have a New Author today with his first entry, so please welcome NCNetsurfer and his story about a well-polished object,  A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object: A Pet Rock.

Art West has brought us two stories, one with a British feel and one with a twist in the name,  first, we have A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object: Being Close, and second A Day In The Life Of Matt.

Beldro Mercier brings us a bit of fantasy with, A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object: Through the Looking Glass.

DouglasDD has decided to tickle your fancy with his story, A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object: Keying In.

The Story Lover also has brought us two entries, his first is a whimsical look into the wild and woolly world of punctuation surprisingly enough titled, A Day In The Life Of Ugo The Umlaut, followed by a foray into the bountiful word of a nature travelogue with, A Day In The Life Of 'Cap'.

Don't forget to thank the authors for the hard work by dropping them a short email, and please extend a warm welcome to our Newest Author NCNetsurfer.

Happy reading,

Fred The Elf








August 9, 2018: Midsomer Short Story Event Update & Corrections
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Authors & Readers,

There is a little over two weeks left for you to get your entries written and submitted. The last day for submissions to be received is Saturday, August 25, 2018, not the 23rd! Posting will begin on Friday, August 31st giving you a four-day reading weekend. At least for the yanks.

Submissions are due by Midnight on the 25th PDT or UTC -7.

Submissions should be between 500 and 15,000 words more or less and the theme is  A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object, we have quite a few submissions already and there is always room for more. This event is open to all Fort Family Site Authors and Readers, you don't have to be an established author to submit an entry. There are quite a few Fort Family Authors that got their start with a Short Story Event. If you need your submission edited just let us know and we will see that your submission gets edited. First-time submitters, please give the Fort Family Sites permission to host your story. As always all submissions remain the property of the submitting author. Always include the appropriate Copyright © Info with all Submissions.

Happy writing,

Fred The Elf


P.S. We will be posting submissions through September 3, 2018, but don't tell anyone.





August 7, 2018: Broken Links From True's Fandom
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

Due to a database crash, True's Fandom is down for repairs, due to that fact some stories that are linked from that site will show as blank chapters We will let you know as soon as the site has been repaired and is fully functional. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we have taken steps to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Take care,




July 24, 2018: Midsomer Short Story Event
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

Our latest Short Story Event is called A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object.

The rules are the usual Minimum 500 Words, Maximum 15,000 Words. 

End Submission Date August 23, 2018.

Posting Date August 29, 2018, for the Labour Day Weekend for the Yanks.

All submissions should be sent to elfmail at with A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object as the subject. Substitute the @ sign for at and remove the spaces.

Happy writing,








July 11, 2018: Update
Posted by Lindon Weztser

Hey everyone!

First and foremost!! Thank you for waiting so patiently for the release of 21! However, I'm still away on a break but slowly starting to get back into writing... which means I will not be on a regular update schedule yet. Ch.21 is now availble to read, and it is a long chapter!
Hope you all enoy it, and thank you so much for the support! I always enjoy hearing from you!
Lindon Weztser
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