Mayfield Titans

Chapter 53-Friendly Rivals

<Aiden and Nolan>
“Sounds like things worked with Mac better than you thought they would,” Nolan said as he and Aiden showered together. Aiden’s dads had picked him up after the workout and driven him directly to Meadow Park. Aiden arranged to shower at Nolan’s house during their chat the night before. Having Nolan step into the shower with him was an added bonus.
“I think it worked out better than anybody thought,” Aiden responded.
“Do you think he’s going to end up being a good teammate?”
“He will be if he keeps working like he did this morning. I think he’s in love.”
“With who? Trent?”
“No, he’s in love with something. There’s no way he’s gay. Even Mayfield’s got straight kids, you know.”
“You could have fooled me,” Nolan said as he carefully washed his boyfriend’s ass. “Then WHAT is he in love with?”
“Catching. I think he’s in love with being a catcher and will do anything do become our starting catcher. Coach Ecklund is, like, some kind of genius for figuring that out.”
“But if he was a catcher when he was little why did he quit?”
“Beats the behunga juice out of me. I’m a pitcher not a shrink. Damn, keep rubbing my crack like that, it feels really good.”
“Behunga juice?”
“It’s something one of Justin’s dads told him to try using instead of saying shit,” Aiden explained. “So, he says it beats the behunga juice out of me instead of it beats the shit out of me. Fuck, if you keep doing that, I’m gonna no touch cum right here in the shower. Fragiflax is another word he uses.”
“It’s time we got out anyway,” Nolan said. “I mean your dads are waiting for us.”
“I’m sure they’re having fun with your dad and his trains. But yeah, all of the dust from the field has been washed off a thousand times and I want to get to Monte to see what those gay boys like to do.”
After Nolan shut off the shower, the boys grabbed their towels and got to work drying themselves and each other. “I want to suck your cock,” Nolan told Aiden.
“Calm down, studly. I’m willing to bet you’ll have somebody’s cock in your mouth real soon.”
“I hope it’s yours.”
The boys were soon dressed and down in the basement to get Aiden’s dads moving. They were eager to get their long-planned visit to Greg and Skyler started. Larry and Phil pulled on their jackets and were ready to go. Nolan gave his dad a good-bye hug, which Aiden and his dads all noted, and everyone went upstairs.
“See ya tomorrow, mom,” Nolan said as his mother came out of her workroom to see everyone off. It was noted by Aiden that although Nolan gave his mother a hug, it didn’t have the same panache as his father’s hug.
Larry soon had the Accord on Highway 12 heading northwest to Monte. The drive would take about a half-hour. “What do you boys expect to find out in the lair of the enemy?” Phil asked.
“Dad, they are not the enemy, they are our friendly rivals,” Aiden responded.
“Exactly,” Nolan agreed. “And don’t forget, Aiden and I go to different schools and play on different teams and we for sure are NOT enemies!”
“Yeah, a rivalry doesn’t get any friendlier than ours.”
“Or sexier.”
“Really, Nolan? Sexy? Are you saying you think we’re sexy friendly rivals? What will my dads say?”
“What I think he’s saying is, guys can go to different schools, play on different teams, and enjoy many levels of friendship,” Larry said. “And tell me, Nolan, are you calling my son sexy?”
“Well, only because he is my boyfriend,” Nolan giggled. Nolan loved it when Larry and Phil kidded them about the relationship between him and Aiden. He could discuss most of what he and Aiden felt for each other with his father, but there wasn’t much communication at all with his mother. But with Aiden’s dads, because they’d been there and done that, anything was fair game to talk about, although it was understood that anything said about specific sexual acts had to be broached by Aiden or him.
“Speaking of rivals, Mackenzie sure seems to have suddenly turned things around.”
“Like I said on our drive to Nolan’s, if he really wants to be a catcher in the worst way. And I really want him to be one too, because if he really is going to be a good teammate that’s the best way he can do it.”
“What’s wrong with Muddy as a catcher?” Nolan asked.
“He’s slow and too many pitches get past him. And he doesn’t communicate with pitchers very well.”
“Meaning he doesn’t communicate with you very well, right?” Larry asked.
“Yeah, I guess you could say that. And Lenny is good, but he needs to grow bigger and needs more experience.”
“It shouldn’t take Lenny long to grow some,” Phil chuckled. “He and Lance are shooting up like weeds.”
“When Mac found out I have a pitching area set up in the yard, he wanted to know if I would throw to him there during spring break,” Aiden said.
“And you said, ‘Over my dead body’,” right?”
“Wrong. I told him I thought it would be a good idea. In fact, I think it would be a great idea.”
“Speaking of rivalries, after two games there’s only three undefeated teams in the league,” Nolan pointed out. “There’s Monte, Kentburg, and us.”
“We get to play Kentburg one more time, we play you guys twice, and Monte is one of our crossover games. So, we get to give all you undefeated dudes a loss.” This year’s Seamount Middle School League consisted of two six-team divisions. Everybody played the other five teams in their division twice and two games were divisional crossover games. That gave every team the allowable twelve regular season games and set up a four-team league playoff.
The rest of the chatter was about Larry’s Mustangs, who were 3-3 overall and 1-1 in league play. The consensus was that the team had the talent to compete with anybody but needed to work more on their fundamentals and work habits. Larry disagreed and felt the Mustangs were good enough to qualify for the Seamount League tournament but after that it would be a crapshoot.
“And Kentburg is the powerhouse, right?” Nolan asked even though he knew the answer.
“If you call 7-0 a powerhouse, then yes, they are,” Larry said. “But what else is new?”
Larry pulled into the street that Greg and Skyler lived on and stopped in front of Greg’s house. “You boys have fun, and we’ll see you tomorrow about one.”
“You guys have fun, too, and I hope you’re a couple of hours late,” Aiden grinned as he opened the car door. Larry and Phil planned on spending the night at the Ocean Shores Resort, enjoying time on the beach and an evening in the casino.
Greg and Skyler came out the front door when they saw the car drive up. Fist bumps were exchanged by the boys before they faced the departing Honda and waved.
“I can’t believe you guys are really here,” Greg grinned.
Nolan gave Greg a friendly punch on his right shoulder. “If you can feel this, then you know it’s real,” he grinned.
“Well, come on in and meet my friends, at least the ones who are already here.” The boys would be celebrating Greg’s thirteenth birthday.
“How many guys are going to be here?” Aiden asked as he and Nolan entered the house.
“Eight, all from sports. Four of them are here. And before you ask, I invited two girls I like. Skyler calls them fag hags, but hey, they’re nice and we help each other with schoolwork and shit. Plus, they’re really good girl jocks.” Only Nolan and Aiden would be staying overnight as out-of-town guests.
Ten minutes after Nolan and Aiden arrived all the partiers had arrived. The boys knew there would be two guys from rival schools. “Hey, Aiden!” a voice called as Aiden and Nolan walked into the kitchen. Aiden didn’t recognize the voice but turned to see who it was that knew him. He did recognize the face—it belonged to Carter Jones who had been a cabinmate of his when he went to baseball camp the summer before last. His voice had dropped some, which is why Aiden hadn’t recognized it.
“Hey, Carter,” Aiden grinned. “I wondered if you might be friends with Greg and Skyler. It’s great to see you.” He startled Carter by walking up to him and giving him a hug. Aiden was pleased when Carter overcame his surprise and returned the hug. When they broke their embrace, he noticed Nolan.
“Hey, Nolan. When Greg said he had guys from out of town coming to his party I didn’t know he meant you two.” Carter followed Aiden’s example and gave Nolan a hug which Nolan instantly returned. “Weren’t you two friends at baseball camp?”
“Yep, and we still are,” Nolan grinned. He was amazed by how much Carter had grown since they had seen each other last. He was taller than Nolan and almost as tall as Skyler, his voice had dropped, and he had a dusting of peach fuzz on his cheeks. Puberty had struck him hard.
“But you guys live in different towns and go to different schools. I watched you both playing hoops against the Bulldogs. It’s great that you’re still friends.”
“What about you and    ? Are you still friends?” Aiden asked.
“Nope and for the same reason he said he couldn’t come to Greg’s party.” Aiden waited for Carter to say more, but it was soon apparent that was all he had to say.
“How come a big dude like you doesn’t play basketball?” Nolan asked.
“Well, you guys remember at camp, I was a little dude, and I couldn’t dribble a basketball without dribbling it off my foot. I’ve done most of this growing since the start of seventh grade. Coach Worthy is going to work with me for next year. But baseball is still my sport. I’ve been playing first on the JV team.”
“I can’t believe you guys know each other,” Greg said. “Carter is one of my best friends. We’ve had a lot of sleepovers since we were in fifth grade.”
Boy would I love to have seen what happens in their bed, Aiden thought. I need to find out if Greg’s had three-person sleepovers with Carter and Skyler.
The party was a big success, as birthday parties tend to be. Carter was the last to leave after the party was over. Aiden had the impression that Carter was hoping he would be invited to join the sleepover. He wouldn’t have minded it, but that was something Greg and Skyler would have to deal with.
After Carter left, the boys helped Greg’s parents with the cleanup. Nolan realized that in all that had been going on he hadn’t seen Greg’s sister.
“Where’s your sister?” he asked Greg.
“Madam Lamebrain is spending the night at her friend Becky’s place with two other girls. They’ll probably spend half the night talking to boys on the phone, kissing, and playing with each other’s boobs and pussies. She can be a pain in the ass, but it was her idea to be out of the way.” Greg’s sister, Linda, was sixteen. “She won’t be home until dinner tomorrow.”
As it would with many groups of pubescent boys, the subject turned to sex and since they were all gay boys it went specifically into gay sex. They discussed masturbation technique, blow job technique, sixty-nine positions and finally Nolan got to the point they had been working toward. “Have you guys done the dirty deed yet?”
“I wondered when you were going to get to that,” Skyler smirked.
“Well, Nolan and me have talked about it almost from the first time we met,” Greg reminded his boyfriend.
“Good point. And speaking of points, do you and Aiden have any pointers?”
“Mostly the stuff I’ve shared with Greg,” Nolan answered. “Getting your asses loose with finger fucking and stuff like that.”
“Too bad you don’t have a way to get some dildos,” Aiden giggled. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a tube of lube. “I did bring you some of this though, which will help you a lot.”
“Thanks, Aiden, but Greg and I agreed we don’t want to do it tonight. We want our first time to be, you know, private,” Skyler said.
“Not a problem. I wasn’t planning on taking it home with me anyway. And I’m with you on doing it in private. That’s how Nolan and I did it and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.”
“I wouldn’t mind us jerking off together, though,” Greg grinned. “All this talk of sex has made me horny. Let’s say goodnight to my ‘rents and head up to my room and have a little group jerk off.” The other three were all for the idea.
After the good nights, the boys took care of peeing and brushing and then discussed who would sleep with whom. They decided that the teens would sleep in the queen bed in the guest room. “The two twelve-year-olds can share Greg’s smaller bed,” Skyler grinned as he looked directly at Greg.
“Hey, have you forgotten whose thirteenth birthday party you were at today?” Greg asked. He knew Skyler was yanking his chain and decided to play along.
“You mean it wasn’t Carter’s?”
“We went to his thirteenth birthday party a few weeks ago, remember?”
“Hey, I have a friend named Carter. But he doesn’t turn thirteen until July,” Nolan said.
“How about we say that the two big teenagers sleep together and the smaller boys sleep together,” Skyler said.
Greg shook his head. “Why don’t we just have the boyfriends sleep together.”
“Well, you and I slept together last night, and your sheets have the pecker tracks to prove it,” Skyler said. “I thought that was our birthday sleepover so we could sleep with our guests tonight.”
“It was, but I thought…”
“Hey, guys, if you want to sleep together, then sleep together,” Nolan said. “Aiden I have no problem sleeping together.”
“No, I’m just giving Skyler shit for his twelve-year-old remark,” Greg said. “But since it is my birthday would anybody mind if me and Nolan slept together? After all, the four of us are together tonight because of us meeting at that New Year’s dance.”
“I’m good with it,” Skyler said. “It’s not like we’re going to have wild sex after we all get done masturbating together. I’m sure we’ll have some other overnights.” He looked over to Aiden. “And I bet Aiden, here, is a good cuddler.”
“He’s a great cuddler,” Nolan said. “Just watch out that he doesn’t end up making you cum a second time.”
The boys quickly got naked, all of them sporting erections. Nolan gave Aiden a shake of his head and a grin that said, “Damn, it took forever for these guys to decide to take their clothes off.”
Aiden had been eager to see how big Skyler’s equipment was and he wasn’t disappointed. He wasn’t a lot bigger than Nolan—maybe a half an inch—but his cock was much thicker. His balls were bigger and hung lower plus he had more and thicker pubic hair as well as underarm hair, which Nolan still didn’t have. Like Nolan, he was uncut.
The bed was too small for the boys to lie lengthwise, so they sat with their backs against the wall and their feet dangling off the other side. Nolan and Skyler took the middle positions with Aiden sitting to Skyler’s left and Greg to Nolan’s right.
“Before we go whacking our puds, we should measure our cocks since we all have mega-boners,” Skyler suggested.
“You just want to brag,” Greg said.
“Of course, I want to brag. If you had the biggest cock in the room, you’d want to brag, too.”
“You’re right. And besides, I want Nolan and Aiden to know what a total stud my boyfriend is.” Greg rose from the bed, procured a ruler from his dresser, and measured himself first. “Five inches,” he announced and then handed the ruler to Nolan.
“Just under five-and-a-half,” he said before handing off to Skyler, who was leaking precum.
“Six on the nose.” He then handed off to Aiden. “I think I got some precum on the ruler.”
“I’ll live with it,” Aiden grinned.
“And dude, you’ve got to get some pubic hair fertilizer or something before you hit thirteen.”
“It will grow, and Nolan likes me as I am.” He knew somebody was going to mention his hairless groin and decided to use his AA teachings and accept the inevitable.
“When do you turn thirteen?” Greg asked. He had a scattering of pubes.
“September first. And I’m at four-and-a-half.”
“Do you shoot?”
“Oh, so if you shoot cum then you’ll be getting hair any minute,” Skyler grinned.
“Well, six months ago I didn’t have any hair either,” Greg said. “Now I’ve got some hairs and my cum’s got sperms in it too because it’s like Skyler’s and Carter’s with white in it.” The mention of Carter‘s cum answered the question residing in both Aiden and Nolan’s minds.
“Okay, we’re all measured up and we’ve given our life histories, now how about we whack our puds—or somebody else’s if it suits us,” Skyler said. “And just so you know, I had my first squirt of clear cum when I was ten and in fifth grade. And by squirt, I mean a drop. I got my first hairs when I was around eleven and a half.” He then wiggled his ass to get comfortable and started to seriously masturbate.
Aiden reached for Skyler’s cock. “Do you mind if I help?” he asked.
“Only if I can return the favor.”
The jerk off session ended up being a mutual jerk off session when Greg and Nolan followed the lead of Aiden and Skyler. It was also a quick session which started to climax when Aiden got Skyler off. Skyler’s first shot hit his chin and then splattered down his chest and belly. Greg was next with mostly clear cum, his first shot hitting up to his nipples. Nolan blew a heavy load that went up to his nipples and then covered his abdomen. Aiden followed close behind when he fired his clear cum over his belly and pubic area.
“Well, that was fun,” Nolan grinned.
“And I just happen to have some fresh cum rags ready for us to wipe with,” Greg said.
“Greg and I were hoping something like this would happen,” Skyler said.
“Cum rag? Who needs a cum rag?” Aiden asked as he rolled on his side and licked up Skyler’s emission.
“Damn, you are one hot sexy dude,” Skyler moaned with delight.
That was all of the sex the boys planned on having that night. There was no doubt in their minds, however, that there would be more to follow as soon as they could arrange a second visit. They agreed they were tired and ready for bed. They stood up feeling a little self-conscious about their nudity. It was not the nudity itself that was an issue but whether they should give naked hugs.
Aiden knew the answer to the unasked question. If a boy can’t give his boyfriend a naked hug in front of their friends, then who could he hug? He stepped toward Nolan who knew instantly what Aiden had in mind. He opened his arms and Aiden stepped into a tight hug that finished with a long passionate kiss that got their penises stirring.
“Whoa, you guys really are serious about this romance stuff!” Greg gushed.
“Hey, we’re boyfriends, we’re supposed to be all romantic,” Nolan responded after breaking the kiss.
“Don’t you guys ever kiss?” Aiden asked Greg and Skyler.
“Just a couple of times, and that’s been since Greg met you,” Skyler confessed. “I guess I don’t want to seem too gay.”
“That’s one reason we haven’t fucked yet,” Greg pointed out.
“Being with you guys is helping me a lot,” Skyler said. “I mean, look at you two. You’re both jocks. Greg says you’re popular in school and involved in lots of different stuff. But you don’t mind kissing and fucking each other and saying I love you—I bet you even hold hands when your parents aren’t looking.”
“We hold hands even when our parents are looking, although we have to be careful how we do it around Nolan’s mother.”
“My dad’s okay with the gay stuff, but my mom has some hang-ups at times,” Nolan explained. “Dad keeps her in line though and tells her to let us grow up the way we are. She’s a really good mom, but she makes me mad a lot.”
Nolan suddenly realized what he was saying. “Sorry, Skyler, I didn’t mean to—well, I know what happened to you and I wasn’t trying to say…”
“Hey, dude, it’s cool. It’s like Grams and Gramps keep saying, my parents’ loss is their gain. I don’t have to hide myself here, but I still do because…well…because of what happened.”
“I figure your grandparents know you’re gay, but what about Greg? Do they know you’re boyfriends?” Aiden asked. “And is Greg out to his parents?”
“Well, yeah, the reason I’m living with them is because I got outed. And Greg isn’t out yet except to me, Carter, and you two. His old friend John thinks Greg is gay and is an asshole about it, but he’s at least not blabbing to everybody. He quit being friends with me, Carter, and Greg because of something that happened at Carter’s house.”
“John is an asswaffle like Nolan likes to say,” Greg chortled.
“Hey, I learned the word from my sweetie,” Nolan grinned.
“Did you hear that, Skyler? Nolan called Aiden his sweetie.”
“I think you and me have a lot left to learn,” Skyler admitted.
“I think I need to get to bed,” Greg yawned. He then took a couple of small steps toward Skyler that started a big jump in their relationship. He gave Skyler a naked hug. When Skyler was slow to return it, Greg became concerned; just as he was ready to step back, Skyler wrapped his arms around Greg and squeezed him tight.
“Gawd, this has been an awesome night.” Almost without thinking, Skyler bent over and kissed Greg lightly on his lips. He pulled back a notch and then once again gave his boyfriend a tight squeeze as he kissed him hard and long. It wasn’t Greg’s first time being kissed—he and Carter had been kissing for the first time when Carter’s mother let John into the house, telling him the boys were in Carter’s room. That was when John found the two boys kissing and two friendships came to an end. Carter never told his mother what had happened in that moment in his room, but she had her suspicions which were surprisingly accurate.
As much as Aiden wanted to mess around with Skyler, both teens were fighting sleep. Aiden had hoped he would get the chance to suck the teen’s big uncut cock, but it would have to wait for another time. He could give Skyler a topnotch cuddle, however, and the boys fell asleep tangled together.
Greg and Nolan talked for a while as Greg caught him up on his sexual experiences including the fateful kiss with Carter. Like Aiden, Nolan wanted to do more, but Greg literally fell asleep in his arms. “Happy Birthday,” Nolan whispered as he closed his eyes and joined his friend in a pleasant sleep.
Greg’s parents had requested that he set his alarm for nine in the morning, which he did. He knew that the reason was the brunch that Skyler’s grandparents were treating everyone to as a finish to Greg’s teen birthday weekend. Having to get up to an alarm, even as late as nine, was another reason the boys didn’t want to stay up too late the night before.
After the alarm went off, Greg and Nolan fought off the urge to roll over and snooze the rest of the morning away, but common sense won the battle—they rose from the bed and padded to the bathroom to pee and take a shower.
“Those two lazy boyfriends of ours shouldn’t be allowed to sleep in while we shower,” Nolan told Greg.
“Good point,” Greg replied. “Let’s wake them up after we pee.” Which is what they did.
Aiden and Skyler grumbled all the way to the bathroom and took their pees standing side by side. Not for the first time since he crawled into bed with Skyler, Aiden regretted not sucking that beautiful cock. He and Nolan needed to find a way to invite Greg and Skyler to stay with one of them soon.
“You guys better take a quick shower, or Aiden and I are going back to bed,” Skyler groused.
Greg and Nolan took a quick shower, although Nolan tried his best to prolong it by doing a very careful job of washing Greg’s ass. “Damn, dude, that feels really good,” Greg cooed as Nolan’s hand tickled his grommet.   
“What did he do?” Skyler asked. Greg told him. “Shit, I’m even learning stuff about sex in the morning before breakfast.”
Greg and Nolan exited the shower on the front end, dripping water on the bathroom rug. Skyler moved the glass doors from the back to the front end and he and Aiden stepped into the shower at the back end.
“Show me what Nolan did to Greg,” Skyler told Aiden as they were washing themselves.
“Turn around,” Aiden commanded.
Skyler did and Aiden quickly had his soapy hand washing the older boy’s crack and then his pucker. Aiden took it a little further than Nolan by slipping his finger into Skyler’s rectum.
“Shit, this whole being gay business just gets better and better,” Skyler moaned as his cock rose into an instant hardon.
After the boys dressed and got their hair in order, they headed to meet Greg’s parents in the living room. Nolan wasn’t surprised that Aiden’s hair was disheveled before they made it to the living room. They were pleased to see that Skyler’s grandparents were there waiting for them.  
Their late breakfast, or brunch as the grandparents called it, was at the Beehive Café, a popular Monte restaurant. They had reservations in the backroom which were necessary since Sunday morning was a busy time at the café.
Eggs, a stack of pancakes, and a breakfast meat was the order of the morning for the boys. Skyler’s grandparents took pleasure in watching the boys scarf down their breakfast. They took even more pleasure in seeing how happy their grandson was that morning. Greg had invited some great new friends from out of town. Skyler and the boys obviously liked each other.
The visit came to an end when Larry and Phil stopped in front of Greg’s house just after twelve-thirty. Anticipating their arrival, Aiden and Nolan had said their good-byes in Greg’s room about a half-hour earlier. Those good-byes included some serious kissing as Aiden and Nolan started by kissing Skyler and Greg and then switched off.
When Nolan kissed Skyler, he reached down and gave his hardening cock a grope. “You okay with it?” Skyler groaned his approval. Skyler thought the kissing business was getting better and better.
Before Aiden kissed Greg he asked if a grope was okay during the kiss. “Go for it.” The two exchanged quick gropes as well as some tongue. One of the first things on Greg’s sexual agenda with Skyler was to make kissing with gropes and tongue something regular whenever possible.
On the ride home, Phil asked if Skyler and Greg were gay. Aiden had hinted around at their being gay, but never really came out and said it.
“As gay as you can be in a town that isn’t Mayfield,” Aiden giggled.
“Yeah, they’re gay and they’re trying to be boyfriends. That’s never an easy thing in any middle school,” Nolan added.
“And before you ask, we didn’t have sex. All we did was get naked on Greg’s bed and jerk each other off before we went to sleep.”
“Aiden!” Nolan was always surprised when Aiden spoke openly about sex with his dads. He knew his boyfriend had admitted to his dads that the two of them had intercourse, but never gave specifics. He long ago had decided that having a couple of gay dads gave somebody a different way to see things. He and Aiden had talked with Phil and Larry about their sex life more than once.
“Hey, jerking off isn’t sex, it’s what boys do.”
“I know, but it just sounds strange. I wouldn’t think of telling my parents anything like that.”
“Nolan, you know that they know that we have sex.”
“Yeah, but not because I told them.”
“There you have it,” Aiden said. “With my dads, I know it doesn’t hurt to tell them stuff.”
“Up to a point.”
“Exactly, up to a point. It’s just like sitting in the backseat of their car kissing.”
Aiden and Nolan then spent the last twenty minutes of the ride to Nolan’s house kissing and groping and keeping an occasional eye on Phil and Larry in case they had to admonish them not to turn around and look. Neither did—Larry, because he was driving, and Phil because he knew what would happen. Not looking didn’t prevent either of Aiden’s dads from boning up, however.
“Hey, can I ask you something?” Grant asked Aiden as they sat at the “baseball” table for lunch.
“I think you just did,” Aiden grinned.
“Well, since I got away with the first question, I’m gonna ask you another one.”
“Sounds like a plan, so ask away.”
“Well, I told you that my cousin Jaden is visiting from California.”
“Yeah. Some of us were hoping to meet him.”
Mason, Miles, Lance, and Gordy scooted in a little closer to Grant and Aiden, wanting to learn a bit more about Grant’s cousin.
“Our families got busy together and you know how that goes.”
“Big time,” Miles said. All conversations at the table were open to anybody sitting there.
“Jaden is away with his family for the next couple of days. But after they get back they’ll be staying until Sunday. So, he will be coming to my game on Thursday.”
“And you don’t know if you’re playing varsity or JV yet,” Aiden said. “But either way, only some of us can meet him after the game.”
“But wait! There’s more! They’re not leaving until Sunday so I was wondering if he can, you know, come to the party on Saturday.”
“Is he cute?” Mason asked. “Wait, he’s from California, so he’s probably totally HOT with a tan and everything.”
“How about I show you a pic of him.” Grant pulled his phone out of his pocket and brought up a picture he took of Jaden at the beach flying a kite. The lunchroom and the front foyer were the only two places in the school a student could have his phone out without prior permission.
“Holy crap, that has to be an automatic yes,” Mason gushed.
“I don’t mind if he comes,” Aiden said. “Even without the pic I would’ve said yes. He just has to know most of us will be naked and a lot of guys are going to be messing around.”
“Since he’s from California he probably messed around in his crib,” Mason said.
“He’s never done anything until a couple of days ago,” Grant informed his friends.
“Never?” Gordy asked. “Even I’ve messed around with guys.”
“Never. All I can say is he liked what I did with him.”  
“Hey, he did it with my sexy boyfriend, so what’s not to like?” Lance said, referring to Grant.
“I haven’t asked him if he wants to come. I wanted to see what Aiden said first, since it’s his party,” Grant said.
“If he’s leaving Sunday, I guess I need to know if you and your cousin can spend the night.” Aiden said.
Grant looked directly at Mason and said, “Yeah, their flight isn’t until like two thirty in the afternoon, so he should be able to stay. And all I ask is you guys go easy on him to start.”
“Everybody knows the rules,” Aiden said. That was all Grant needed to hear.
“What part of California is he from?” Gordy asked.
Grant knew that question would be asked by somebody and he was ready with his answer. “Any of you guys ever hear of a place called East Harbor?”
“East Harbor? For real?” Aiden asked.
“Totally for real.”
“And he’s probably a big stud baseball player.”
“Nope. He’s on a swimming team and he loves to surf.”
“Oh, that’s why he looks like such stud,” Mason said.
“Still, I can’t wait to ask him about East Harbor,” Aiden said. “Saturday night just got way more interesting.”
Lenny sat at the lunch table where most of the sixth-grade baseball players ate. Because the sixth-grade class had split lunch, with some sixth graders eating first lunch and some second lunch, all the JV sixth grade players couldn’t eat together. Lance, Emmett, and Ned Hunter ate second lunch while the rest of the team’s sixth graders ate first lunch.
Warren Meadows, sixth grader on the JV baseball team, set down his lunch tray and sat next to Lenny. “So, how’s life in the fast lane?” Warren asked.
“Fast,” Lenny responded.
“It is for you. It really sucks that the JV doesn’t have a game today.”
“Yeah, it’s a big-time suck,” Titus Baker chimed in as he sat to the other side of Lenny. “Gardner school shouldn’t have bothered having baseball at all if they don’t have enough guys for two teams.”
“Well, Pine Lake and Barrett don’t got a JV team either,” Mike Gerber added. “We’re getting cheated out of games.”
“They scheduled some make-up games,” Lenny reminded him. “Think about it, the JV gets to play a morning game before the Mustangs play their Nooner game.” The Nooner game was an annual event in Mayfield. The high school varsity played a non-league game scheduled to start at noon, against a team from one of the top programs in the state. The town of Mayfield all but shuts down to allow the town’s citizens ample opportunity to take part in the tradition.
“Yeah,” Gerber shrugged, “but we play on the middle school field, big deal.”
“Since we have shorter bases, having us play on the grass field at the high school would be hard on the grass,” Lenny said. “And it is a big deal. They could have not scheduled any game at all and made us play eight games this year instead of giving us ten.”      
“But then there’s the dudes in the fast lane like the Hazen twins who get to suit up vaaaarrrrrrrrrsity,” Warren said, dragging out the first syllable.
“Hey, it’s not our fault me and Lance got picked to suit up varsity today,” Lenny said. “It’s not like we’re going to play much if we even get to play. With no JV game, Coach Ecklund is letting more JV team players sit on the varsity bench.”
“So, it’s you, Lance, Grant, Brody, Rusty, and Riley suiting up today, right?” Titus asked.
“That’s right.”
“Well since your brother and Grant and Rusty have all played in a varsity game, I think some other guys should get a chance,” Mike groused. Everyone ignored Mike since he was a habitual complainer.
“I’m glad Riley is getting a chance. He works really hard and has played two really good ballgames,” Lenny said. “And he sure doesn’t mind getting his uniform dirty.”
“I guess he don’t have a mom who yells at him for bringing home a dirty uniform for her to wash,” Mike grumbled.
“I wish Riley would talk more though,” Titus said. “He hardly says anything to anybody. Well, he does do a lot of cheering though.”
The boys soon finished their lunches and started leaving the table for the foyer and the play area outside to get their bodies moving. “Hey, Lenny, can I tell you something?” Warren asked after Lenny stood up.
“Go for it, as long as it’s a good something,” Lenny grinned.
“I think Riley likes you.”
“Huh? What do you mean? He hardly knows me except as a teammate. We’re not even in the same grade together let alone any classes.”
“He asked me if you were the twin who didn’t have a boyfriend.”
“Whoa, he just moved here, and he already has that shit figured out? How can he learn stuff without talking to anybody?”
“Maybe he listens to people,” Warren suggested. “Hey, I hope you get to play in today’s game. You probably will since we should kick Gardner’s ass.”
“I hope you planted the seed for that to happen,” Lenny said with a straight face as he walked out of the lunchroom with Warren.
<Mayfield Titans>
The game was as one-sided as most had predicted. The Titans scored seven runs in the first inning and ended up with a 16-2 win over the Gardner Bears that was called after five innings because of the mercy rule. Once a team had a 10-run lead from the fifth inning on the game was stopped.
Aiden pitched three shutout innings to start the game, earning his first win of the season. Lance got his first varsity pitching experience by pitching the last two innings. Riley, who was the designated runner for Muddy, scored two runs in his first varsity experience. All the JV players who suited up got a chance to play.
After Coach Ecklund dismissed the players they mingled for a while. They agreed that they felt bad about the poor kids playing for Gardner.
“The garden needs some weeding,” Aiden said. “They should have just had a JV team this year and then their first varsity team next year.” Aiden felt extra strong about that opinion since it was the one his dads had expressed at dinner the night before.
“When all those kids come back next year, they could be pretty good,” Trent said. “I won’t have to play them, but they could give you some problems,” Trent told Aiden, although he was referring to all the sixth and seventh graders.
Some of the players were going to The Bear for pizza. Aiden planned on riding there with Phil since Larry was busy coaching the Mustangs. The team was playing away at Winton, or they would have stopped off to watch the end of the high school game.
Riley caught up with Aiden as they walked to the gym to pick up their gym bags and backpacks. “Hey, Riley, good job scoring those two runs.”
“Muddy was the one who got on base, all I did was run,” Riley responded. Under high school baseball rules, which the middle school teams play by, a team can opt to have a designated runner for its catcher and/or pitcher when they get on base. Coach Ecklund had a runner for Muddy but let Aiden and later Lenny run for themselves.
“You also could have gone crazy on the bases and gotten thrown out. You did a good job of what you were supposed to do and that’s something to be proud of.” 
Aiden’s praise left Riley beaming. Yet one more time, Riley could see how different the Titans were from his summer league team of the year before. On the Titans, one of the best players on the team told him he did a good job. On his old team, the best players always made fun of him and how he was always dirty in a game or in practice. On the Titans, a player who liked to get dirty was looked up to.
“Thank you, Aiden. I wanted to tell you that my mom said I can come to your party, but I have to be home by ten,” Riley said.
Aiden was pleased that Riley could come to the party. He was also disappointed, but not surprised, that he couldn’t spend the night.  “I’m glad you can come, Riley. I’ll give you all the information you need at lunch tomorrow.”
“Thanks, Aiden, and thanks for being my friend. Is Lenny coming?”
“Lenny and Lance will both be there.” Aiden wondered where that question came from. He knew that Riley had nothing special going on with Lenny since Lenny hadn’t mentioned anything. He did notice Riley hanging around Lenny in practice on occasion, but that didn’t really mean anything because players hung around with each other often in baseball practice.
As if on cue, Lenny and Lance entered the locker room just after Riley and Aiden. Riley’s face lit up when he saw the twins. Their uniforms made it easy for him to tell one from the other: Lance was wearing number 15 and Lenny was wearing number 23. Riley walked straight to Lenny and announced he would be going to Aiden’s party on Saturday.
“Awesome,” Lenny replied. “You’re going to have so much fun there. Are you going to stay the night?”
“No, at least not this time. I had a hard enough time getting my mom to let me just come to the party,” Riley replied sadly. “But you’re going to be there for sure, right Lenny?”
“Absolutely for sure,” Lenny grinned.
After Riley scurried to his locker, Aiden put his right hand on Lenny’s left shoulder. “I think somebody has a crush on you.”
“How? He’s a seventh grader and I’m a sixth grader.”
“But you’re also his teammate and I’ve seen you being extra nice to him in practice.”
“That’s because he’s new to the school and has had a hard time getting to know people. He’s super shy.”
“I guess he got bullied by his teammates last year for some reason,” Aiden said. “I’d sure like to know why. He’s a super nice kid, plus he’s a really good player and hustles his buns off. Not only that, but the dude can pitch. It looks like you’ve got some good competition at pitcher.”
“Cool. It’s like Coach says, you never can have enough pitching.” Aiden saw Gordy waving. “I guess Gordy’s mom is here. I’m having dinner at his house since pop is having dinner at Coach Fitz’s house to talk over whatever it is they talk over that they can’t talk over in school and dad is meeting with some highway contractor dudes.”
“The food is better at Coach Fitz’s house than it is at school,” Lenny pointed out.
“That could be it. See ya tomorrow.”
Since it was announced by Coach Ecklund before practice that Trent would be the starting pitcher and Muddy the starting catcher in the next day’s game against Evans, one of the assigned tasks given to Aiden, Lenny, and Scott in practice was to throw to Mac under Kevin Corcoran’s supervision. Kevin would be returning home after Thursday’s game, but had volunteered to work with the Titans’ catchers until then.
Coach Ecklund broke from what had been his standard practice once again by giving the next day’s starting lineup at the end of practice and telling Muddy that Mac would be coming into the game in the fifth to catch the last three innings.
Coach Ecklund broke from what had been his standard practice of giving the next day’s starting lineup at the end of practice. He also told Muddy that Mac would be coming into the game in the fifth to catch the last three innings.
With the team changing catchers midway through a game to give Mac game experience, Aiden was beginning to wonder of the coach’s goal for the team had changed from winning the championship to developing players and winning what they could. Larry had told him the evening before that developing players was the primary purpose of middle school sports. Player development should take precedence over winning championships unless a title was obviously in reach over the last two to three games of the season.
“And you guys really do need to develop catching in order to win,” Larry said. “I love Muddy at the plate with a bat in his hand, but he leaves a lot to be desired behind the plate with a mitt on his hand. While this is between you, me, and your dad, I don’t think I’m telling you anything you don’t already know.” Aiden knew that to be true.
Aiden finished his homework after dinner and sat in his recliner wearing his favorite game watching outfit (his birthday suit) as the Mariners took on the Athletics at Oakland.
The M’s won the early season game 6-3 to move within a half-game of the A’s. Marty had gone oh-for-three with a walk but made two outstanding plays at third along with a couple of routine ones. He would have loved to talk to Marty later, but his deal with his dads was that once a week on a school night he could say up until the end of the game or ten o’clock, whichever came first, and this was the game. He was required to take care of his evening brushing and washing before sitting down to watch the game. There was room for compromise, as in this game which was in the bottom of the ninth at ten o’clock. His dad allowed him to stay until the Mariners made the third out of the inning to win the game.
“Although it would have been nice to spend at least an inning in my chair before the game ended,” Phil groused good naturedly.
“I didn’t see anybody stop you from sitting with me for the whole game,” Aiden retorted. “I mean you’ve said that sitting with me when I’m naked is not an issue anymore.”
“In case you hadn’t noticed, you’ve been growing quite a bit and taking up more room. It’s getting harder for me to squeeze into the available space.”
Aiden rose from the recliner and Phil got up from the loveseat. Aiden walked over to him and patted his belly. “Maybe you’re the one who’s growing quite a bit,” Aiden smirked. “I’ll talk to pop about putting you on the diet.”
“Get that bare ass of yours in bed before I give it a solid whooping,” Phil chuckled after giving Aiden’s butt a solid smack with an open palm.
“Good night dad. I’ll tell pop good night when I get upstairs.” Larry had gone upstairs to his office at the start of the ninth to get his papers in order.
“Good night son. I love you.”
“Love you too, Dad.
As Phil watched his naked son dash out of the Mariner viewing room, he couldn’t help but think how anybody who saw that boy’s sweet freckled face and beautiful pubescent ass would ever think that he wasn’t a virgin—unless they knew better, of course. Oh well, he thought as he turned out the lights, my ass wasn’t exactly virgin territory when I was twelve either, but I had a hell of a lot rowdier personality than my son.
As Aiden knelt for his gratitude prayer, he mentioned to himself that picking the night before he had a game as one of his game watching nights wasn’t a great idea, at least when the Mariners were on the west coast. He had told himself that watching Marty and the Mariners play would help work him into his pre-game zone, but he realized now that he had been fooling himself. Well, I’ll take my pee and get under the covers and cuddled with Horace and start on getting into a zone, so I’ll be ready tomorrow. But that didn’t happen because once he pulled the covers over himself, he fell instantly asleep.
<Grant and Jaden>
Jaden and his mom and dad arrived a few minutes before Grant came home from his afterschool baseball practice. As soon as he saw his cousin, Grant felt a stirring in his groin. He was pleased when Jaden initiated a hug, but with parents in sight, no kisses were exchanged, which was also fine with Grant.
Dinner was on the table a half hour later. Grant listened as his aunt, uncle, and cousin talked about their two-day trip. His relatives listened when he talked about the Titans’ 16-2 victory over Gardner.
“I told you it would be a slaughter. I got to play with the varsity since coach suited up as many JV players as he could.”
“How did you do,” Roger asked.
“I got a walk with the bases loaded which gave me an RBI. It was my first varsity RBI.”
“Good job, cuz.”
“I will be playing in the JV game, tomorrow. And since the JV is playing at home, you won’t have to go far to watch us play. Coach Seaver said I’m not starting tomorrow but I will be the first pitcher to come into the game, probably in the third inning. With us not playing on Tuesday and spring break coming up, Coach said he wants to pitch as many guys as he can. Rusty is going to be the starting pitcher. Rusty’s got the wildest red hair in Mayfield Middle School, so you’ll know for sure who he is even before he pitches.”
After dinner, Grant told Jaden that he had about a half hour of homework and then they could talk and watch the last few innings of the Mariner game. Grant worked at his desk while Jaden reclined on Grant’s bed reading a book he had pulled off Grant’s shelf. It was called “Nothing Like it in the World” and was the story of the building of the first transcontinental railroad. Jaden thought it was interesting for a history book, but the fact that he liked trains might have been a factor. His father worked for Amtrak as the station master of the Oceanside Amtrak/Metrolink station and loved trains which was a big influence on Jaden’s interest. Neither boy thought anything of the fact that even though they had a few silent moments when they were alone with each other, they thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company during a half-hour of silence.
“This book is interesting,” Jaden said when Grant put his homework away.
“It is interesting and full of all kinds of things I never knew.  But I like reading about history and learning those things I never knew,” Grant said.
“I bet you get A’s in Social Studies,” Jaden chuckled. “Do you think I could borrow this? It would be great to read on the trip home. I promise to mail it to you after I finish.”
“Read it and keep it or give it to a friend to read. Books are supposed to be read not kept on a shelf,” is what Mr. Edison, my Core teacher, says.
“What did you want to talk to me about?” Jaden asked.
“I talked to Aiden and told him you were staying an extra couple of days and asked if you could come to his party on Saturday. He said it was no problem.”
“Cool, thanks for asking. Will there be food?” 
“There is always great food at Aiden’s parties. Coach Phil is a great cook and sometimes they order pizza from The Bear, which has the best pizza in town.”
“I bet they have the only pizza in town,” Jaden laughed.
“Well, there is that, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t kick ass pizza. But before you say you want to go, there is one thing you need to know. Some of Aiden’s parties are nude parties and this is one of them.”
“You mean everybody takes their clothes off? Even the girls?”
“Everyone who wants to take their clothes off takes them off. It’s like when you and me mess around—nobody has to do anything they don’t want to do. And there are no girls at the nude parties.”
“You mean as strict as your mom is, she lets you go?”
“My dad says boys will be boys and we’d get naked together somehow. This way we don’t have to sneak around. Aiden’s dads don’t come perving on anybody, not that we don’t walk by them sometimes, but they act like being naked is normal.”
“Are they naked too?”
“Nope. Like I said, it’s more about Aiden loving being nude with his friends than it is his dads’ idea. Mom is happy that Coach Larry and Coach Phil encourage everybody at the party to be in the ‘No Matter What Club’ which is why she trusts them and lets me go there.”
“The what club?”
“The “No Matter What Club”. It’s something most of us sign where we promise not to drink alcohol or use drugs at all, anywhere, anytime, no matter what. It’s good for six months for some and a year for some depending on what grade you sign it in. Here, I’ll show you mine and you can read it for yourself.” It was then that Jaden noticed a piece of paper taped to the side of Grant’s bookcase. Grant took it down and handed it to his cousin.
Jaden read it and said, “Damn, dude, this is powerful. Who are the three guys who signed it?”
“They are Aiden, Sammy, who’s in high school, and Barry, who’s an eighth grader who plays sports. Three guys already in the club have to sign it saying they trust you totally.”
“What happens if you go out and drink or do drugs or whatever?”
“Then you’re out of the club until the end of your year because nobody will trust you and you need to get signed in all over again at the end of the year. AND, if you just keep getting fucked up until the year is up probably nobody is going to sign for you. Almost everybody playing sports at the middle school has signed it and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. I was happy to get three guys to sign it because of how I was back in fifth grade.”
“Wow, I wonder what would happen if we tried this at East Harbor?”
“I can make you a copy to take with you.”
“Please do it. I have another question about Aiden’s party.”
 “Ask away.”
“What if guys get horny and bone up?”
“Then they do something about it.”
“Right in front of everybody?” Jaden wasn’t sure if this was weirding him out or if it was something he wanted to be a part of.
“Well, Aiden likes that if things get really serious you go up to his room or the guest room, but when you get horny things just happen and nobody seems to mind. Usually when somebody new comes, everybody is more careful about where they do things. You and Riley are new, and I know that you’ve never done anything with any guys except for me.”
Jaden said nothing for the next thirty seconds, the blank look on his face hiding what he was thinking. Those thoughts were about his jerk off fantasies and which ones were the most realistic. Were his fantasies of jerking off with Derek and touching his dick and jerking off in the showers with guys on his swim team the real ones or was it his fantasizing about kissing Melanie Drake and playing with her boobs that was real? And after experiencing jerking off, and a little more, in bed with Grant, did he really want to get into bed Liam and Sherman when they were jerking off, or would that be too gay? Or did he really want to play strip poker with Melanie and Larissa Walker more than jerk off with his friends? And finally, did the thoughts he was having about boys, especially Derek, and all the pleasure he got from his cousin mean he might really be gay?
“Hey, are you okay?” Grant asked his cousin.
“Yeah, I was just thinking about going to this nude party,” Jaden answered.
“You don’t want to go, do you?”
“I came up with the opposite answer. I want to go. In fact, I think I have to go.”
“That doesn’t make any sense.”
“Cuz, I am beginning to wonder about some things.”
“Well, if you’re wondering whether I’m gay or not, the answer is I am and I have a boyfriend. Happy?”
“I wasn’t wondering that, but I’m not surprised. I just want to see…I don’t know what I want to see…I just…I need to find out…find out if I might be gay.”
“Why, because you and me kissed and rolled around on my bed?”
“No, there’s more than that. But you got me thinking because I liked it so much and now this party had me thinking and I gotta go and see what happens.”
“I guess I get it now.”
“Will I get to ever meet your boyfriend?”
“He will be there.”
Jaden grinned. “Let’s go watch the Mariners and see how the hero of Mayfield is doing. Because if we don’t go watch the game, I’m gonna be pinning you to the bed and kissing you and humping you until we cum.”
“Hmm, maybe baseball doesn’t seem so exciting now,” Grant giggled.
The boys stood up and headed downstairs to watch the Mariners defeat the Athletics 6-3. Ironically, when they went to bed, Jaden was so tired he couldn’t keep his eyes open and Grant, with a game the next day, was ready for sleep. The cousins stripped naked, traded a couple of passionate good night kisses, cuddled up, and quickly fell asleep. 
When Aiden woke up in the morning, he was glad he wasn’t slated to pitch. His zone wasn’t anywhere near where he wanted it to be. There was nothing he could do to make it better after he got on the bus since Kalie was her usual chatty self. He had no intention of being rude to her. He listened politely happy that she had no intention of asking to play with his cock. He knew that she knew how much Aiden loved finding his zone and that she was a good friend who would not cross his boundaries even if she tended to talk too much.  
The bus pulled into the busway and stopped. “You’re a good friend,” Kalie said. “Good luck with your game.” The varsity softball team would be playing Evans at home as would the JV baseball team. The JV softball team and varsity baseball team would be playing Evans at Evans Middle School in West Olympia.
The game was one of two divisional crossover games the Titan varsity would be playing. The other would be a home game against Monte after spring break. Evans was 2-1 and were a good team. The Titans were also 2-1. The players and fans expected a good game.
The game was as good as expected. Trent had control issues in the first inning, walking three batters, two of whom scored, giving the Governors a quick 2-0 lead. The Titans scored in the top of the second when Aiden singled, stole second and was knocked in on a single by Muddy, making the score 2-1.
Evans scored in the bottom of the third, making the score 3-1. Mayfield tied the score in the top of the fifth when Everett and Aiden singled with two outs. Gordy worked the count full and hit a hard double into the left-center gap, scoring Everett and Aiden, tying the score at 3-3.
 Scott relieved Trent with two outs in the bottom of the fifth when Trent lost home plate again and walked a pair of batters. Scott put out the fire but gave up a run in the sixth when Aiden booted a two out grounder allowing a run to score from third. The Governors led 4-3 going into the seventh.
Trent, who was now playing first, took care of business in the top of the inning by hitting a home run over the left field fence to tie the game. When the first Evans batter opened the seventh by popping up to short on the first pitch of the inning and the second batter struck out, it was beginning to look like extra innings. That ended up not being the case when Casey Murphy matched Trent’s home run ending the game.
The Titans walked off the field with a 5-4 loss and a 2-2 record. Aiden was furious with himself for booting a routine grounder in the sixth, allowing a run to score. He blamed it on his lack of focus, forgetting that he went two-for-four with a stolen base and two runs scored.
On the bus ride home, Aiden wondered if Coach Ecklund would become even more focused on developing players and less on winning a championship now that the team was 2-2.
By the time the bus arrived at Mayfield Middle School they learned that Meadow Park clobbered Barrett 8-0 to improve their record to 4-0. One piece of good news came from that game—Nolan had pitched all seven innings, tossing a three-hit shutout while striking out 10 and walking one.
In other East Division scores, Winton and Kentburg both improved their records to 3-1 with wins. Monte, who was in the West Division, hammered Gardner 12-3 to remain undefeated. The only surprise in that game was that Monte didn’t 10-run Gardner and end the game early.
Mayfield’s first game after spring break would be at Meadow Park. Everyone was certain that they would be facing Nolan who, as a seventh grader, was considered one of the top five pitchers in the Seamount League. The Titans figured Trent would be their starter. That game was almost two weeks away and everybody would have spring break to contemplate the fact that if they lost, they would all but officially be out of the championship race.
Phil had dinner ready by the time Aiden arrived home from his game. Gordy’s mom had given him a ride from the school.
“Tough loss, kiddo,” Phil said as Aiden stomped into the house.
“I can’t believe I kicked a routine ground ball with a runner on third in the sixth inning that let a run in and then we end up losing by a run. That totally sucks.”
Phil gave his son a hug. “Was that the first fielding error of your career?”
“No, but it’s the first one I’ve made on a big play with two outs in the sixth inning of a tie game that let a big run come in.” Aiden tried wriggling out the hug, but Phil held him tighter.
“I take it you didn’t do anything to help your team the whole game then.”
“I went two for four and scored two runs and had a steal but who gives a fuck when we lost by a run and are two games out of first because I lost the game for us and we’re never going to win a championship.”
Aiden’s continual struggles convinced Phil to let him go. “It sounds like you had a good game overall. Last I looked it takes a team to win a game and it takes a team to lose a game. I’ll be willing to bet there are a few of your teammates kicking themselves, too.”
“Like Scott who gave up a walk-off home run in the bottom of the seventh after he pitched us out of a jam in the fifth and kept us ahead until I botched that easy grounder in the sixth.”
“Did anybody give you a hard time about the error?”
“No. Coach said I needed to bear down harder on easy plays, but that’s his job.”
“Did anyone give Scott a hard time?”
“No, he got hugs, including one from me, to help him feel better.”
“It sounds to me like your team is on the right track,” Phil grinned. “You guys are a team and you acted like a team. That’s what I like about your friends and teammates—they believe in being a team. Sorry I couldn’t make it. It’s been a strange week for work.”
“And Pop couldn’t make it because the Mustangs were playing, and I haven’t seen their score yet.”
“They won 3-0. Andy Hoffman threw a six-hit shutout against Parkview.”
They heard a car in the driveway and then the garage door opening. “Speaking of Pop, there he is,” Aiden grinned. He headed for the steps to the basement and garage so he could greet his Pop.
The dinner talk was baseball. Larry said the same things to Aiden Phil had told him. When Aiden mentioned that, Larry told him Marty would most likely say the same things they had. “It’s all part of playing sports,” Larry told his son.
“How did Mac do at catcher?” Phil asked.
“Mac did pretty good,” Aiden replied. “I think he’s going to be a good catcher and you know why?”
“Tell us,” Larry answered.
“Because he wants to be good. I think he really likes catching.”
“You can be a very perceptive young man,” Phil grinned.
“Mac, Lenny, Muddy, Scott, Lance, and Trent all want to do some practicing on our pitching setup during spring break,” Aiden announced. “We’re going to look into our schedules and then set up at least two times.”
“Sounds ambitious,” Larry said.
“Maybe it sounds like you guys are serious about winning. Think about it, Meadow Park might be undefeated and two games ahead of you, but you still play them twice—anything can still happen,” Phil said.
Aiden ignored his dad’s attempt to make him feel better about the standings. “I think they want to come around lunchtime,” Aiden told his dads.
“Well, if you’re going to have some growing boys expending a lot of energy, I suppose there should be plenty of food around. I’ll make sure to make adequate sandwiches and have plenty of lemonade available.”
“I’m going to be having a really busy spring break.”
“Starting with your party on Saturday,” Larry said. “We have all the food and goodies and you have your guest list. This is clothing optional, right?”
“Right, and everybody knows it is. Some are staying overnight, and I want to be Naked Chef on Sunday morning.”
“This sounds like another legendary Aiden party in the making.”
“And then there’s Justin and his dads staying Thursday and Friday. And the baseball practice here. And one full team practice during vacation. And the Wednesday Nooner game,” Aiden rambled on. “And Nolan and I want a couple of nights with just us together. Plus, there’s Kalie’s party on Wednesday.”
“You’re going to be ready for school to start so you can get a vacation from your vacation,” Phil chuckled.
“You know it. Thanks for helping me with what happened today. I feel better already. Since the Mariners have an off day, I wonder if Marty will call.”
Marty did call. Marty said essentially what Aiden’s dads had said, plus he added some of his own failings in games, most of which Aiden knew about, and how he dealt with them.
“I love you, Aiden,” Marty said as their phone call ended. “When things don’t go the way you want, remember how many people love you and how kicking away a ground ball will never change that fact.”
“I love you, too, Marty.”
That night, Aiden was on his knees thinking of how grateful he was to have so much love in his life—not only people who loved him, but people he loved back. Yeah, he kicked away a ground ball that allowed a big run to score. But nobody hated him for it. And he was reminded that he had to keep his focus even on routine plays. “Life is good, Horace,” Aiden said before falling into a restful sleep.
<Grant and Jaden>
The JV had an easier time with Evans than the varsity did with a 6-1 win over the Governors. Grant threw two shutout innings. One runner reached base on a throwing error by Emmett, who was playing shortstop. Lance threw the next two innings, followed by Rusty, Warren, and Riley. Warren gave up the run when Evans used a walk and a double to score. Riley surprised everyone by striking out the side on twelve pitches.
Titus, a sixth grader, had been Riley’s catcher in the seventh. “How does that little dude throw so hard?” he asked as the team walked off the field. He wasn’t the only person at the field who wondered that.
After the postgame handshakes and meeting, Grant introduced Rusty, Riley, Emmett, Mason, and Lance to Jaded. Jaded knew that Lance was Grant’s boyfriend and gave him a fist bump followed by shoulder squeeze. He couldn’t get the twins confused since Lenny was playing varsity.
Mason took one look at Jaden and all but drooled over himself. “Grant says you’re coming to Aiden’s party on Saturday,” Mason said after he and Jaden exchanged fist bumps.
“That’s how it looks,” Jaden grinned.
“Just so you know, I give the best blow jobs at Mayfield Middle School,” Mason said as if it was a perfectly normal role.
“Say what?”
“Check it out at the party,” Mason smirked as he turned and trotted off.
“I warned you about Mason,” Grant said as they watched Mason moving away.
“Yeah you did but it still surprised me.”
“Want me to call him back to apologize?”
“Nah, he reminds me of somebody on my swim team. Outrageous on the outside, but sweet on the inside, right?”
“That’s Mason,” Grant grinned.
“You pitched really good,” Jaden said, changing the subject as he and Grant walked to the SUV. “They should have left you in longer.”
“Coach told us he needed to give everybody a little bit of work because we didn’t have a game on Tuesday.”
“I know, but still, nobody even got on base against you.”
“It was only two innings.” Jaden’s father, Roger, popped open the hatch in the rear and Grant tossed his equipment bag into the SUV. The ride to Grant’s house was a short one but he was happy they could ride so he wouldn’t have to lug his bag around.
“That little kid in the seventh inning was amazing,” Roger commented. “Nothing but strikes and it was all blazing heat and a sneaky changeup.”
“Riley is an amazing dude,” Grant said. “Everybody likes him, and he’s made a lot of friends since he moved here, including me.”
Jaden remembered that Riley hadn’t been to an Aiden nudist party either. He thought he might latch onto him so they could get used to everything together.
That night Jaden and Grant cuddled in bed and exchanged a series of long keep kisses while petting each other’s smooth skin, hard cocks, and smooth balls. When Grant’s middle finger slid into Jaden’s ass, Jaden took it as a signal to start humping. The humping started slow and easy, started to become frantic, and when Grant found Jaden’s sweet spot, Jaden squealed and almost knocked Grant off the bed as he shot his creamy cum over Grant’s belly.
“What the fuck was that you hit?” Jaden asked as he fought for breath.
“Your sweet spot. It is called the prostate gland. You can look it up online, but it’s the thing that makes getting your butt fucked feel extra good.”
“Have you ever had your butt fucked?” Jaden was certain the answer was going to be yes but was still surprised when he said he had by three different boys. “Whoa, for real?” Grant was reminding him of Derek—sweet and innocent looking but gay and sexually experienced. “How many have you fucked?”
“Three, but not the same three.” Grant would normally never kiss and tell, however since Jaden lived in California, he didn’t see any harm in telling him who they were. It’s not like it was a gigantic secret, anyway. “I’ve fucked Aiden, Lance, and Nolan, who’s Aiden’s boyfriend. Aiden, Lance, and Lenny have done my butt.”
“I never thought you knew so much.”
“I do and right now I know I need to get off.”
“Oops, sorry cuz,” Jaden said. He quickly wrapped his right hand around his cousin’s four inches and had him shooting his watery emission in less than a minute.
That night Jaden fell asleep thinking about how good Grant’s finger had felt in his ass and wondering how somebody’s cock would feel up there.
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