Mayfield Titans

Chapter 52-Jaden

<Grant and Alex>
Grant had a busy day planned, although it had actually been planned by his parents. His cousin, Jaden, was flying up from California with his parents. Grant’s father and Jaden’s mother were brother and sister. Jaden’s plane was due into Portland Airport at 1:45 and Grant and his parents would be leaving Mayfield around 11:00 to pick up their visitors.       
Something unplanned occurred that disrupted Grant’s good mood, however. Just before nine, Grant saw a U-Haul truck pull up in front of Alex’s house. He stepped into the front yard to get a better look than what he got from the living room window. He saw the man that everybody said was Alex’s mother’s boyfriend, and another guy he didn’t recognize.
Alex’s mother came out of the house with Alex following her. Seeing Alex was a surprise; Grant didn’t know that Alex had been released from rehab. Alex’s mother talked to the man who was supposed to be her boyfriend. They went into the house while the other man opened the back of the truck and dropped down the loading ramp. Alex came out of the house carrying a dining room chair and his mother and the boyfriend came out with the dining room table.
 Grant turned and walked back into his house and found his mother in the kitchen. “Mom, did you know that Alex is out of rehab?”
“I did not. And if that’s the case you know I don’t want you to have anything to do with him.” She waited for Grant’s inevitable protest.
Instead, Grant said, “I don’t think that’s going to happen. It looks like they’re moving.”
“What? How do you know?”
“Come look out the front window.”
“Well, I can’t say that I am surprised,” Grant’s mother said.
“Why not?”
“Well, if Alex is out of rehab, I imagine his mother wants her son to stay away from you just like I want you to stay away from him. I think moving and giving Alex a change of environment is going to be good for his recovery. And having him out of your life will be good for you, too. I’ve seen how his presence affects you.”
“It’s called a geographic, mom, and they usually don’t help because guess what?”
“Because no matter where you go, there you are. Instead of moving you gotta fix yourself.”
“Did you learn that from Mr. Graham or from your addict friends at that silly meeting you go to?” Taylor Graham was Grant’s drug and alcohol counselor.
“Both,” Grant stated emphatically. “And my friends aren’t addicts. We all have a problem with alcohol.”
“Whatever, I don’t see the difference.”
“Can I go over and tell him goodbye?”
“I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“I’m just going to tell him goodbye and then come back home.”
“Do you really think it will do any good?”
“No it won’t. I finally figured that out. He’s gonna call me some kind of name and his mom is going to scream at me for making Alex a drug addict. I mean, that is what has been happening every time and it would be crazy to think this is gonna be any different.”
“Then why do it if it’s a crazy thing to do?”
Grant took a deep breath to help him keep his composure and said, “Because I just want him to know that he always has a friend in Mayfield even if he doesn’t want one.”
While there were frequent moments when Carla Foster wanted to ring her son’s adolescent neck, there were also moments when she couldn’t help but feel proud about the way her son had changed since he began hanging out with those addict—no, make that alcoholic—friends.
“Say good-bye but promise me if there’s even a hint of trouble from Alex or his mom or from whoever those friends of hers are, you will turn around and come home.”
“Mom, I plan to turn around and come home no matter what.” Grant felt he had taken all the abuse he could take from Alex and Alex’s mother, but saying good-bye was simply something he had to do. Maybe it was a way of doing what Graham and the Fourth Dimensioners called making amends. Grant looked out of the window and saw Alex coming out with a box. “Stay right here, I’ll be right back.”
Grant zipped out the front door and ran across the street. “Hey, Alex.”
“What the fuck to you want, faggot? Can’t you see I’m moving away from your sorry ass?”
“I just wanted to say good-bye and I hope you are moving to a good place,” Grant stated sincerely.
“Anyplace is a good place compared to this shithole. I hope it’s a place without assholes like you.”
Grant had heard all he wanted to hear. “Goodbye, Alex. I wish you a good life where you’re happy and sober.” Grant turned around and walked away knowing he had spoken to his one-time friend for the last time. He had done what he wanted to do.
“Where are you going? I’m not done talking to you, shit for brains.”
Alex’s mother came out the door carrying a box. “We’re going away forever, Grant, and I hope you realize it’s your fault!” she screamed.
Grant re-entered his house, walked up to his mother, and gave her a big, long hug. “Do you think you’re going to cry?” she asked her son.
Grant broke his hug and looked up at his mom. “Not this time. He did exactly what we thought he would do, but that didn’t make it easy to do. Maybe someday it might make a difference and maybe it won’t ever make a difference, but I just had to do it.”
“Do you think it was the right thing to do?”
“So do I,” Carla said. “I think it was exactly the right thing to do, and I’m proud of you for doing it.”
There were times when Grant thought his mother was the most stubborn and hard to please mother in the world, but there were also times when his mother surprised the living shit out of him. This had been one of those times. He smiled as he went to the rec room to watch soccer with his dad.
<Grant and Cousin Jaden Price>
At the airport, Grant paced impatiently as he watched for Jaden to come out of the double doors from the waiting area. He knew he and Jaden had both changed since they saw each other almost two years ago. They had both been ten and had just finished fifth grade—now they were twelve and in the last couple months of seventh grade. Grant also knew from what he had seen on Facebook that his cousin had changed physically a lot in those two years. Grant could sum his cousin’s looks up with one word: HOT! Jaden was a member of the Sea Sabre swim team from the East Harbor, California, YMCA.
The doors swung open and closed over a dozen times before Jaden finally exited. “Hey, Jaden, over here!” Grant called out as he jogged over to his cousin. Grant saw that Jaden live was even hotter than his pictures. His cousin was a hunk and totally sexy looking.
Jaden turned in the direction of the voice and saw Grant darting his way. Jaden was surprised by how much he had outgrown his cousin the last two years. “Grant!” he grinned. “Is that really you?”
“Yep, it sure is.”
“I almost didn’t recognize you. When did you get the glasses?”
“I had them when I saw you down in East Harbor, I just never wore them much.”
As the boys exchanged greetings, the adults did the same and shared hugs, especially the long one between Grant’s dad, Darren Foster, and his sister, Marlene Price.
As always, Grant was happy to be around his father. His father and mother had been separated for almost a year, but after initial discussions about divorcing, they elected to find ways to save their marriage. The process had been a slow one, but they managed to put the pieces together. Having his father back in his life full-time was a huge factor in Grant’s recovery from alcohol abuse.
Jaden surprised Grant by wrapping his arms around him and giving him a tight hug. “It’s so great to see you again. I’ve been so ready for this trip.”
“It’s too bad you and I didn’t have our school vacations at the same time,” Grant said.
“We’ll be around here most of the week, though,” Jaden told him. “My mom and dad know where we’re going Monday. I’m just following along.”
“And you’re flying home on Friday, right?” Grant asked as they reached baggage claim.
“I thought that was the plan, but I guess we’ll be leaving sometime Saturday afternoon.”
Grant was pleased he would be able to spend more time with his cousin. He remembered they had gotten along really well on his visit to California. Since Jaden would be away with his parents on Monday and Tuesday nights, he wanted every night he could get with his cousin—especially after seeing how hot he was.
Jaden wished he could be back for Grant’s Tuesday baseball game and was going to beg his parents to let him stay until he learned the JV team wouldn’t be playing because the school they would be playing in that part of the schedule didn’t have a JV team.
The drive from Portland to Mayfield seemed to take three times the usual two hours because the adults dominated the conversation. They were riding in an SUV that Grant’s dad had rented for the week. There was no way the six of them would have fit into either of the Foster family cars.
After realizing they weren’t going to be able to say much, if anything, the boys did what kids that age did—they got out their phones and started texting each other. That worked until Grant’s mother chided them for not being sociable. That’s when boredom set in completely.
“What’s the story with the glasses?” Grant’s aunt Marlene asked Grant. “I don’t remember you wearing them last time we all saw each other.”
Grant opened his mouth to answer when his mother said, “He is a bit nearsighted and was supposed to wear them then, but he was being a stubborn little boy who didn’t want to look like what he called a dork. But when he saw he could hit a baseball better with his glasses on he started to wear them regularly. He could even see the whiteboard and video screen at school, and just think how much of a help that was.” Carla elected not to mention that Grant often lost his glasses when he was drunk or stoned.
Jaden decided to sneak in a text. “U never wear them in facebook pics.”
“cuz I dont wanna look like a dork there and i don’t need them.”
The little exchange netted another scolding, so the boys sat silently until they reached Mayfield and Grant’s house. Grant noticed that the U-Haul was gone and with it his one-time friend, Alex.
“I thought we’d have the boys’ favorite meal and order pizza and salads tonight,” Carla said. “I’d love to do a full Sunday dinner tomorrow, but with the busy day we have planned, it looks like we’ll be eating out.”
“I like the pizza idea,” Jaden’s father said. “How about you, Jaden?”
“I’m so hungry I could eat the pizza box,” Jaden answered. “So I know I can go for the pizza inside. I might even eat a salad. What about you Grant?”
“I’ve never turned down pizza,” Grant responded.
“I can’t get over how the boys have grown,” Marlene said, diplomatically omitting the fact that Jaden had outgrown Grant by a few inches and quite a few pounds.
Now that they had arrived at the Foster home, Grant was having a hard time not staring at his cousin. He knew that if he didn’t find a distraction, he was going to have boner soon. Fortunately, it was the dads, Darren Foster and Roger Price, who provided the distraction as they asked the boys about their year in sports.
Grant and Jaden were both relieved to be able to answer questions themselves and have their dads listen to what they had to say. Grant played soccer, basketball and was now playing baseball. He had become active in sports thanks to the new friends he had met since he became clean and sober, but he didn’t mention that tidbit. Taylor Graham had told him once that he was a rare kid who sobered up after starting middle school instead of when he was either finishing middle school or high school if he sobered up at all.
“I’m not always a starter,” Grant told the dads, “but I play a lot and I know I’m getting better as a player.”
When Carla and Marlene entered the room during one of Grant’s answers, the boys were worried that the moms would now take over the conversation. Instead, they sat and politely listened to their sons talk about their athletic accomplishments.
Swimming was Jaden’s sport, and it was year-round. Swimming had given the twelve-year-old a sculpted physique that had the middle school girls along with some of the boys drooling whenever they passed him in the hall. Grant had been on the verge of drooling since he had seen his cousin step out of the waiting area.
“I think it’s time to order pizza,” Grant’s mother said. That netted an enthusiastic response. After discussing what everyone wanted, Carla ordered three large pizzas, six dinner salads, and plenty of cola.
“I think the men should go now to pick the pizza up. That way, as soon as it comes out of the oven it’s paid for and ready to go,” Carla said.
“And this town is so tiny I bet it takes hardly any time at all to bring it back here,” Jaden observed.
“Exactly,” Darren said. “And not a single traffic light to deal with, not that downtown couldn’t use a couple.”  Mayfield had one traffic light and it was on Highway 12 where it crossed Lakeview Drive. Proposals to add one or two lights downtown were shot down every time they came up for a vote in the town council. But even the parsimonious town council was getting close to admitting that they needed to improve on the two four-way stops.
When Grant and Jaden heard the word “men” mentioned, they assumed that meant them as well as the two dads, so they rode along to The Bear. The dads were happy to have the boys ride along and the mothers were happy to have time totally to themselves for family gossip.
“Don’t you have a birthday coming up soon, Grant?”
“Yep, I will be thirteen on May 27th.”
“And I will be thirteen on June 21st. Mom calls me her summer baby.”
Neither dad said anything, but they knew that anyone looking at the two boys would swear that Jaden was a year or more older than Grant. But Grant was actually the older boy by just less than a month. Like most parents, Darren and Roger understood that growth rates varied greatly at their age and Grant could easily end up being a bigger man than Jaden—or not.
The pizza was still hot when it came through the door. Jaden carried two boxes, Grant carried the third, while the dads brought in the salads and the drinks. The first slices of pizza the pubescent boys grabbed never found their plate; they went directly from box to mouth. After quelling their initial hunger they dug into their salads and were a bit slower devouring their next slices of pizza.
Unlike many children, neither Jaden nor Grant had an aversion to greens and were fine with eating salads as long as they were buried in plenty of dressing (ranch for Grant, honey mustard for Jaden). Knowing how their sons ate salads, both dads made sure there was plenty of extra dressing included, although there was extra ranch in the refrigerator for Grant.
The evening was spent chatting, playing games, watching the Kraken playoff game on television, and enjoying each other’s company. The boys were happy to be included in the socializing after the shock of their isolation on the trip from the airport.
One of the conversations that Grant and Jaden had was about the sleeping arrangements. Roger and Marlene would be sleeping in the guest room and Jaden was slated to sleep on the pullout bed in the room that served as Darren’s office. A little before nine-thirty, Grant decided to broach the topic of Jaden sleeping with Grant in his bed.
Grant, who had been somewhat intimidated by the body, the looks, the athleticism, the intelligence, and the self-confidence of his cousin, decided to take the initiative on changing Jaden’s sleeping arrangement. “You don’t have to sleep on that lumpy old mattress on the pullout bed, you know,” Grant told his cousin.
“How do you know it’s lumpy?” Jaden asked.
“I’ve had to sleep on it when my room was being painted.” That was one reason and Grant wasn’t about to bring up the two times he wet the bed after drinking too much alcohol at Alex’s house and had to be moved to the pullout bed.
When the trip was set up, Jaden had been under the impression he would be sleeping with Grant. While he liked his cousin, he wasn’t really thrilled about sleeping with him. On the rare occasions he had slept with friends on overnights, he always had his sleeping bag with him and slept on the floor. Nobody ever took offense at it. His masturbation fantasies usually dealt with overnights with the likes of Maggie Lang, Larissa Wallace, or even Melanie Drake. But sometimes the boys at school or on his swimming team worked their way into some of his fantasies. Although he occasionally jerked off to the fantasy of having a jerk off session with Derek, a fifth grader on the swim team, simply because he was so outrageously sexual. He made no secret of his being gay and eager to play. More than once Derek had made the shower after practice “interesting.”
“I’m cool. I think I can handle lumps,” Jaden said. “Besides where else would I sleep? I mean it’s gotta be better than sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag when I stay overnight with a friend, so a lump or two can’t be that bad.”
“I was thinking of you sleeping in my bed with me. It’s a big bed, so there’s plenty of room. Me and my friend Lance sleep with each other whenever we do an overnight together.” Of course, we do more than sleep together, Grant thought. And then there is sleeping with Lance and Lenny or going to Aiden’s house where all kinds of stuff happens…. Grant found himself getting hard. He tried concentrating on Jaden, but that made things worse.
“I’ve never slept with anybody,” Jaden said. “I know a lot of my friends do, but I don’t.” Jaden didn’t mention the times he was sleeping on the floor and could hear things going on under the bed covers that he knew had to do with jerking off. He had been asked by friends if he wanted to jerk off with them, but he turned them down. He was always nice about it. What his friends did together was none of his business, so he didn’t get involved, even though there were times he was tempted to say yes. If he could just get to second base with Maggie or Larissa, he wouldn’t even be tempted to say yes to a boy ever in his life.
“I like sleeping in bed with my friends. We usually talk ourselves to sleep,” Grant giggled. And we do a lot more than talk, he thought.
“I dunno, I think I’ll be okay with the lumps.”
“Okay, it’s your call. I don’t want you doing anything you don’t want to do. But we only have four nights together before you take off again and it would be nice to be together as much as we can. If you stay in my room, we can stay up late and talk. We never did much of that when we saw each other before.” Of course, Grant’s thoughts were not completely noble. He hoped to at least get a look at Jaden in his underpants or maybe even a quick look at him naked before the week was over.
The tired boys then told the parents they were going to get ready for bed. The house was an older one, as were most houses in the Mayfield town limits. It was built to fit in a certain size plot of land. There were two bedrooms and a bathroom with a bathtub upstairs and two larger bedrooms downstairs. One downstairs bedroom had a large bathroom with both a shower and a tub that had been expanded from the original in a remodel. Downstairs also had a bathroom with a shower and was connected to the hall. One of the bedrooms upstairs acted as Darren’s office. Grant had the other bedroom, which was bigger than the office room and bathroom combined. The bathroom was across the hall from his bedroom.
Jaden picked up his suitcase in the living room, hauled it upstairs, dropped it off on the floor in the office, and looked at the bed which had been made up by Grant’s mother. He flopped down on the bed, his ass sinking halfway to the floor. He had more support floating on his back in a swimming pool than on this bed. Shit, there’s no way I can sleep on this thing, he thought. He got up, walked across the hall to Grant’s room and knocked on the door.
“It’s me, Jaden.”
“Come in,” Grant told him, thankful he was still wearing his briefs.
“Hey, Grant. I think I’m going to take you up on sleeping with you in your bed. That mattress is worse than lumpy, the whole thing is broken.” Jaden looked over his almost naked cousin. While he didn’t have the body of a swimmer, he did have a very nice body, slender with no fat. Jaden noted the bulge in Grant’s light blue briefs—he felt that being a straight boy didn’t preclude him from checking out other boys, even if he wouldn’t admit he was doing it. Derek appealed to him the most in the showers, especially after he stripped his swimsuit off, but Jaden would never admit he gave the fifth grader extra-long glances.
“Sorry, Jaden. I didn’t know it was broken. I wonder when that happened.”
“Well, whenever it happened, I think your parents need to take that thing to the dump. It’s toast—at least the bed part is. What are you going to sleep in?”
“You’re looking at it, except I’ll put a t-shirt on if you want.” Grant’s plan had been to sleep like he always did since he became Lance’s boyfriend, which was naked. It was obvious that Jaden was uncomfortable about sleeping with somebody and Grant was going to try to make things as easy on his cousin as he could.
“No, that’s okay.” Jaden looked over Grant’s queen size bed and could see there was more than enough room for the two of them. “I brought sleep pants since I’ll be sleeping with my parents in a hotel for two nights, but I usually sleep in my underpants at home. Now I don’t have to go back to get my other pants.”
Jaden stripped down to a pair of red boxer briefs. Now it was Grant’s turn to do the admiring. He started at his cousin’s firmly muscled torso, his six pack, his well-formed arms and legs, as well as the bulge in the red briefs.
“Get a camera, the image will last longer,” Jaden grinned. He was used to being looked at because he was used to parading around half naked in his swimsuit.  For some reason he felt a measure of pride that his cousin thought it was worthwhile checking him out.
“Sorry. It’s just you’ve got a really hot look…I mean nice looking body,” Grant blushed. He was pleased when Jaden didn’t comment on his slip.
“I work hard at keeping it in shape and I’ve got a lot of swimming trophies as my rewards.”
Grant decided to say more. “Your body is more than nice looking—your body is AWESOME looking.” Grant wished he could do more than talk about his cousin’s body; he wished he could reach out and touch the well-developed muscles on the toned body.
“It’s just a body,” Jaden said modestly. Unlike many handsome pubescent boys with almost perfect bodies, he truly wasn’t aware of how beautiful his looks were. He simply saw himself as a boy who looked okay in the mirror and was in shape for doing what he loved, which was swimming.
Grant decided he had to change the topic. “You can use the bathroom first if you want.”
“No, you go ahead,” Jaden said, “I’ve got to go to the other room and get my wash kit.”
Grant nodded and went across the hall to piss and brush his teeth. As soon as he finished pissing, he opened the bathroom door and Jaden walked in, placing his wash kit on the counter.
“I’ll piss as soon as you leave,” Jaden said. Jaden noted the bulge in his cousin’s briefs. He had no doubt that Grant was hard. What bothered him was that he was boning up, too.
“I’ve seen guys piss before, but as soon as I finish flossing the bathroom is all yours.” Grant finished a few seconds later and did as promised—he left the bathroom and went across the hall to his bedroom. He climbed into bed on his favorite side, the left, and wriggled under the covers. He wasn’t sure if he hoped that Jaden had noticed his boner or if he hoped that he hadn’t noticed it. Jaden soon followed Grant into his room. 
“You left me a lot of room in your bed,” Jaden noted.
“I always sleep on this side, even when I have friends over.” Once again, he kept something from Jaden—the only friends who had spent the night at his house were Lance and Lenny. The rest of his overnights were at his friends’ houses, and most of those were at Lance’s house. 
“I’ll have no problem taking the other side. We sure won’t have to worry about kicking each other, or anything.” He thought about listening to his friends jerking off together under the covers. They had been in a smaller bed and were so close they had been touching.
This time it was Grant who noticed a bulge—a prominent one pushing out the front of Jaden’s boxer briefs. He decided to comment on it. The worst Jaden could do was decide to sleep on the broken couch. He waited until his cousin was under the covers before saying anything. “Your briefs were really bulging—you must be pretty big down there,” Grant said as he turned off the lights.
Jaden was used to talking about boners and seeing boners, both in the showers and on overnights. He had shown his off more than once. But that was all about checking other guys out and wasn’t the same thing as jerking off with somebody under the covers like he had heard Liam and Brad doing more than once. “Yeah, from what I’ve seen checking things out, mine is bigger than any of my friends.”
Jaden’s answer surprised Grant. “I thought you said you didn’t do anything with other guys.”
“I don’t. But seeing other guys in the shower after swimming is different. Sometimes some of us get boners because it’s what boys our age do, and we can’t help but check them out.”
“Do you think I can check yours out?”
Jaden seemed to take forever to answer, which started to make Grant nervous. “If you turn on the light, I’ll show you real quick.”
Grant did as requested and Jaden pulled back the covers. He raised his ass and yanked down his underpants.
“Whoa, that is huge. How big is it?”
“A little over five inches.” It wasn’t the biggest Grant had seen, but it was impressive. He checked out the hair growing to the right and left of Jaden’s scrotum connected by scattered hair across the base of his cock.
Grant pulled back his part of the covers and did more than pull down his briefs, he pulled them off and tossed them on the floor. He was now naked. He showed his four inches and hairless pubic region and started to lightly stroke himself.
“You’re almost thirteen and don’t have any hair?” Jaden asked.
“My friend Aiden doesn’t either, but it bugs him more than it bugs me.”
“You’re stroking your dick.”
“Well, yeah, I’m naked on my bed with a boner and you’re looking me over, so why not? It feels good. Don’t you jerk off?”
“Well, yeah, but not with somebody looking.”
“I’m not really jerking off; I’m just playing with it. Where are you going to jerk off during your trip?”
“Sitting on the toilet, I guess,” Jaden replied. He noticed that Grant was going from lightly stroking to seriously jerking.
“It’s more comfortable here.”
Grant kept stroking himself through another long silence. Jaden’s rustling broke the silence. Grant turned his head to see what his cousin was doing and couldn’t help but grin when he saw he had just pulled off his underpants. Grant’s next surprise came quickly when Jaden tossed the boxer briefs halfway across the room.
Grant went back to masturbating and noted that Jaden joined him. For the first time in his life, Jaden was not only observing another boy masturbating but was also doing it himself in front of the same boy. He had always thought he would feel totally weird doing what he knew many of his friends and teammates did—instead, it felt good to be doing it with his cousin. It was like the two of them were enjoying a special bonding.
“Wanna race?” Grant asked.
“Do you shoot?”
“Not much, but I squirt some watery cum.”
“Then let’s race. Loser is a rotten fart,” Jaden smirked. For Jaden, jerking off with his cousin didn’t feel kinky at all—it felt like something a boy would do. As Jaden pounded his erection, he realized that he had never felt sexier.
Grant hadn’t expected Jaden to change his attitude this fast. As he pounded his own pud he hoped that this wouldn’t be a one-time thing.
“Shit, dude, what do you do with your cum?” Jaden asked.
“Clean it up and I’m getting close.” It took every bit of Grant’s self-control to keep from reaching over and finishing his cousin off as he finished himself off.
“Oh, fuck, Grant, I’m about to blow too and, fuck... here it comes.” Grant stopped and watched as Jaden fired a shot that hit his chin, then one that landed between his nipples, a couple more on his belly, and some dribbles on his pubes. “Holy crap, nobody told me it would feel better if you did it with somebody.”
Grant gave his cock four more strokes and fired three shots of clear cum on his belly accompanied by a long, low moan. “That felt really good.”
“Do you have like a cum rag or a towel anywhere?” Jaden asked as he wiped his chin.
“I have this first,” Grant said. He rolled over and licked his cousin’s emissions off his chest and belly. “You taste good,” he grinned.
“You are crazy, cuz.”
“No, I’m not. I like the taste.”
“For what’s left there’s tissues on my dresser, unless you want to lick mine off me.”
“I pass.” Jaden stepped over to the dresser, pulled some tissues out of the dispenser, and handed them to his cousin. “Are we going to sleep naked?”
“There’s not much use in us getting dressed so we can pull our covers over ourselves.”
“But no cuddling.” Jaden remembered what two of his friends liked to do after jerking off together in bed.
“That’s fine. Since I’m a dirty rotten fart, you wouldn’t want me cuddling you anyway. I gotta pee—I always do after I jerk off.”
Grant got up and Jaden followed him saying the same was true for him.  Jaden stood next to Grant at the toilet and the boys wordlessly did their business together. Nothing Jaden was doing was surprising Grant any longer, or even Jaden for that matter.
The boys returned to bed in the same locations as before, except Jaden was a little closer to Grant. Grant turned off the light, set his head on the pillow, and closed his eyes. His attempt to fall asleep was interrupted by his cousin. “Hey, cuz, have you ever cuddled with one of your friends after jerking off with him?”
“Yeah, lots of times.” Grant didn’t mention he often cuddled with Lance because Lance was his boyfriend. He didn’t want to scare Jaden away now that they had gone this far.
“Do you mind if I try it? Just to see what it’s like, I mean.”
Grant answered by scooting over until their bodies touched. Jaden turned and wrapped an arm around Grant leading to another moment of silence. “It’s weird.”
“You don’t have to do it,” Grant reminded him.
“Let me see if I can fall asleep doing it.” Jaden quickly found out that Grant could fall asleep while being cuddled. Jaden wondered if he was being gay, but he kept experimenting. Remembering how Grant had licked up his cum, Jaden slid down and kissed his cousin’s chest, and licked his nipple. He took in his cousin’s pubescent smells. He realized he liked the taste and smell and touch of his body. He decided that doing this with a friend would no doubt be gay but doing it with his cousin felt good. With that thought in his head he joined Grant in slumberland.
<Grant and Jaden>  
Jaden woke up a little after eight feeling totally disoriented. He not only was in a bed naked, but something was draped over him. He rubbed his hand along whatever it was and realized it was an arm. Opening his eyes allowed him to take in the entire picture—the arm was connected to his cousin Grant who was also naked. He thought back to the night before and started to remember how this scenario happened. He also realized that he had morning wood and as he focused on the memory of him lying next to Grant, both naked and jerking off, his erection started begging to be touched.
What is wrong with me? Why am I getting all turned on like this around my cousin? Jaden wondered. He carefully moved Grant’s arm off his chest and turned on his side.  Grant’s kinda cute, he thought. Fuck, here I go again…how can my cousin be cute when he’s not only my cousin but is a boy? But didn’t he tell me he thought I had a hot body?
His chest was now touching Grant’s. He placed his left arm around his cousin’s torso and started petting his back. He loved the warm chest to chest feel his cousin was giving him and sidled over a notch to strengthen the connection. He enjoyed petting the smaller boy, his hand moving from the top of Grant’s buttocks up to his shoulder blades.
Grant gave out a moan and yawned. He grinned when he felt what Jaden was doing. “Good morning, cuz,” he said. “It doesn’t get any better than being petted awake by the hottest cousin in the west.” Grant wrapped his right arm around Jaden and started reciprocating his cousin’s strokes. Once again he got to feel Jaden’s hard, muscular body.
“Hey, good morning to you, too. And you still think my body is hot?”
“I think all of you is hot.” And I wish I could give my hot cousin a good morning kiss, Grant thought. “Your petting made he hard.”
“I woke up hard, and now I’m harder. I’ve never had a night like last night.”
“Even when you spend the night with your friends?”
“Not even then, though sometimes I jerked off in my sleeping bag because I knew they were jerking off together in bed.”
“Did you like what we did last night?” Grant asked.
“I guess.”
“How can you guess about something like that?”
“Wasn’t it kind of gay?”
“Dude, you’re worrying too much. It was you and me jerking off on the bed together. We would have done that even if I was doing it in my bed and you were doing it on the broken couch, so it’s no big deal we did it together. And admit it, it was a lot more fun doing it together.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right about that.” The cousins continued petting each other and Grant’s hand somehow managed to wander down to Jaden’s left butt cheek. Oh, shit, his ass is sexier to feel that Lance’s or Aiden’s, Grant thought as his hand continued stroking his cousin’s hard, athletic butt.
Jaden was so enjoying the feel of Grant’s hand on his ass cheek that it didn’t occur to him right away that Grant was stroking his ass. “What are you doing?” Jaden asked when he realized what was happening.
“Nothin’, just petting you like you’re petting me.”
“Yeah, but I’m not petting your ass,” Jaden pointed out.
Grant jerked back his hand. “Sorry, cuz, I guess I got kinda carried away.”
“You’ve stroked somebody’s butt before, haven’t you?”
“Yeah. And I’ve jerked off with other guys before. And if you don’t want to do any of that all you gotta do is say so and I’ll stop.” Grant felt like he might have to deal with tears as he realized that his cousin might be the same age as him, he might be bigger and stronger than him, he might look older than him, and that he was more studly than him, but that Jaden wasn’t was as experienced in sexual matters as he was.
“Dude, I don’t want to get you all upset. It’s just that this is all new to me and you’ve messed around with guys and I never have.” Jaden couldn’t help but wonder how his friend Derek, who seemed to mess around with everybody, and Grant would get along.
“I know, and I forgot that and I’m sorry.” Then Grant gave his cousin an impish grin and said, “But it felt kinda good, didn’t it?”
“Yeah, it felt really good. When I think of somebody touching your ass I never think of it as something that could feel good. No wonder guys like doing that.”
“Hey, my friends Gordy and Miles, who both have girlfriends, both say girls think it feels good, too.”
I’m going to have to remember that if I can ever get a girl to mess around with me, Jaden thought. One thing he liked about the girls in his fantasies was that they were always fighting for his attention by going out of their way to say hi or to tell him how fine he was.  He’d hear from somebody how Larissa Wallace wanted to go out with him, and he knew that all he had to do was say the right things to her and she’d tell everybody they were going out. But the problem was that he didn’t know what the right thing to say was supposed to be. Plus, right now the girl he was curious about was Melanie Drake, who had been available ever since her boyfriend, Trey, moved away. While she seemed to like him and would often give him a nice smile, she wasn’t drooling over him like a lot of the other girls were, including ones he didn’t like.
“You know where your hand is now, don’t you?” Grant asked Jaden, interrupting his train of thought.
Jaden reconnected with his hand and realized it had worked its way to Grant’s ass, which for some reason felt perfect. He was about to jerk his hand away. Instead, he told Grant it was okay if he went back to petting his ass.
Just as Grant touched him, a voice came from the hall. “Boys, time to get up and shower,” Grant’s mother said. “Breakfast in thirty minutes. Be there or go hungry.”
“Whoa, I’m glad she didn’t come in,” Jaden said.
“It wasn’t easy, but we made a deal. As long as she doesn’t suspect there are drugs or alcohol in my room, I get to keep my privacy,” Grant said. “Nothing was said about sex, though,” he giggled.
“Why would she ever think you use drugs or alcohol?” 
“I dunno,” Grant lied. “Let’s go shower.”
“You can go first if you want.”
“Or we can just shower together. It’s quicker and nobody downstairs is gonna know.”
“Isn’t that kinda weird?”
“You do it with your swimming team, right?”
“Yeah, but I gotta boner.”
“So do I. So what? We watched each other jerk off last night, so a boner is no big deal.”
“But with you squeezing my butt I feel like I gotta jerk off.”
“Then jerk off, but we better go so we get breakfast. My mom wasn’t joking about be there or starve.”
Grant pulled off the covers and got out of bed. Jaden followed, causing Grant to get shivers when he saw Jaden’s hardon. What he didn’t know was that, as much as he wouldn’t admit it, Jaden spent a few seconds admiring his cousin’s erect hairless cock.
“How big is yours?” Jaden asked Grant as they slipped across the hall.
“Four inches,” Grant exaggerated.
Grant started up the shower while Jaden pissed in the toilet, which was never easy with a hardon. Grant told him not to flush and the cousins switched places. After pissing, Grant flushed, dropped the toilet seat, and stepped into the shower. He shut the shower door and started furiously jerking off.
“I can’t help it dude, if I don’t do it I’ll be hard all during breakfast and in the car on our trip,” Grant said.
Jaden simply nodded and started dealing with his own issue. Their hands moved fast as they slapped their cocks, drops of water spraying out of their closed fists.
“I can’t believe I’m cumming so fast, but I’m cumming,” Jaden moaned as he shot his creamy emission onto the shower floor. Grant followed seconds later, shooting his watery cum on Jaden’s belly, where it was quickly rinsed off and washed down the drain. Neither boy said anything after finishing. They grabbed the body wash and washed themselves. Grant had thought about washing Jaden’s back and ass, but after blowing his load, he didn’t feel horny enough to do it. 
After drying and going back to Grant’s room, they quickly started dressing. “We’ve been together less than a day and have jerked off together twice,” Jaden pointed out as if it was a concept beyond his cousin’s grasp.
“I hope you liked it,” was all Grant had to say.
“Yeah, I liked it. And since we showered together, we’re going to make it to breakfast on time even after stopping to jerk off.” Jaden couldn’t help but wonder what his cousin would have him doing next.
Breakfast was fried eggs, hash browns, and ham. With help from her sister-in-law, Marlene, Carla started serving, placing the first two plates in front of her husband and brother-in-law. “You boys could have made it downstairs in time to help set the table,” Carla said pointedly.
“You told us to shower first,” Grant grumbled.
“I wasn’t asking for excuses, son.”
“It wasn’t an excuse; it was a fact.”
“Grant watch yourself,” his father interjected. “Let’s work to make this a good day from the start.” Darren felt it was his duty to have his wife’s back even when he felt she was being unreasonable. Ever since Grant finished alcohol rehab Darren felt his wife was micromanaging the boy, something he discussed with her behind closed doors. Her micromanagement had been a big factor in their separation. Her willingness to work on her own form of rehab and actually attempt to communicate with her husband and her son was helping to bring stability back to the family.
“Sorry, dad. I really am trying.”
“I know you are son.” Darren believed that to be true—Grant had changed and matured considerably over the past few months. Darren worked hard to make sure Grant’s mother recognized that their son was really trying. As with Grant, he felt she was making progress. Living with her was no longer a chore because the time they spent in counseling was paying off in helping to change the communication skills of his wife and himself.
“So, we’re really going to the beach today?” Jaden asked the group in general.
“Yep, we sure are. I know you go to the beach a lot where you live,” Grant replied, “but it’s a lot farther for us.”
“I know, but it’s cold out there. What are we going to do when we get there?”
“Didn’t you tell him, Grant?” Darren asked.
“We were talking about so much other stuff I kept forgetting,” Grant told him. He didn’t mention that he and his cousin had done a lot more than talk since Jaden and his family arrived. “We’re going kite flying,” Grant said. “The wind is supposed to be pretty good today.”
“Cool. I’ve never gone kite flying.”
“You mean you don’t fly kites on the beaches in California?”
“A few peeps do, but I don’t. I go surfing when I go to the beach.”
“Yeah, I remember seeing lots of surfers when you and me went to the beach, but you didn’t surf that time.”
“We did some body surfing, which is fun, too,” Jaden pointed out.
“I remember that one wave yanked my swimsuit down. It almost came all the way off,” Grant giggled.
“That’s because you were a little skinny runt back then,” Darren chuckled.
Jaden looked his cousin up and down and said, “He still is.”
“I’m gonna get you for that, cuz,” Grant warned.
“You’ll have to catch me first. And before you can do that you have to let me finish this awesome breakfast. Thanks, Aunt Carla—my eggs were done just the way I like them.”
“You’re welcome, Jaden. I did them the way your mom told me you liked them. And not to change the subject, but how did you and Grant end up sleeping together last night?”
 Grant and Jaden talked over each other trying to explain the broken bed. After sorting through the verbal mess, Carla finally gathered that sleeping on the pullout couch was not an option.
“It looks like we’ll have to go into Centralia while you’re touring and purchase a new couch,” Darren told Roger, his brother-in-law.
“Dad, Jaden and I slept just fine and got to talk and stuff and I don’t mind doing it as long as he’s here as long as he doesn’t mind either,” Grant protested.
“That works for me,” Jaden said.
“Well, there is no way we would be able to replace that couch today,” Carla said. “Tonight is a school night for Grant and Jaden and his family are leaving early in the morning, so if you boys can get through the night without being dead tired then we’ll let it ride until we have time to do a proper job of shopping.”
“That sounds like a wonderful idea, dear,” Darren said. He was surprised she was being so reasonable. Getting proper sleep on a school night was one of her favorite things to micromanage. “As long as Roger and Marlene don’t mind, we’ll call it a done deal.”
“The boys are getting along beyond what we imagined,” Marlene said. “I can’t believe how quickly they have bonded as friends. I’m with keeping the status quo.”
Carla noticed that the boys had finished their breakfasts. “Now that we have settled that matter, you boys can clear the table and load the dishwasher, take care of brushing your teeth, then help load the kites into the SUV.”
After having been scolded by Carla for not helping set the table, the boys bounced right to work clearing the table. When they were ready to help with the kites, they followed Darren to the prefab storage shed behind the garage.
“These kites are cool,” Jaden bubbled. “I didn’t know they were all made and everything. I thought we’d have to put them together.”
“And they’ve all been flown before,” Grant told him. “They all fly really good.”
“Really well,” his father chided.
“Yeah, really well.” It was when his grammar was corrected that Grant thought that having a father who was a college teacher could be annoying at times.
“Do you guys go kite flying a lot?” Jaden asked.
“We just took it up last year and have been out to the beach to fly them four times since then,” Darren answered. “We fly them at the middle school field or at the elementary school playfield when we can. Both are within walking distance.”
After the SUV was loaded, everyone piled in, and the trip to the beach commenced. The drive was just under an hour. When they arrived, they saw four kites flying which were well spaced. They had plenty of room to fly their kites.
Grant and Jaden ran, laughed, and screamed with delight as they worked their kites in the wind. Grant, who had taken kite flying lessons with his father from Ben Cook, the owner of Ben’s Hardware and Hunting Supplies, had become a proficient kite flyer. Jaden learned from him quickly and from Darren, who was flying a kite that was modeled after a World War I triplane. Grant could fly that kite but stayed with the more standard ones to fly with Jaden.
What neither boy consciously realized at the time was that the unfettered fun they were having flying kites and running on the beach solidified their bond of friendship deeper in their psyches than the two masturbation sessions had. Being able to express themselves sexually with each other was a start to their friendship but making each other happy and laughing together showed the cousins how much they already liked each other and wanted to be friends on top of being cousins.
Lunch consisted of raiding the thermal picnic basket in the SUV for sandwiches and chips and the ice chest for sodas when the opportunity presented itself.
After eating, Jaden and Grant took turns flying the triplane. Keeping it stable in the wind was difficult, but Grant had the only crash landing. “Remind me to check to make sure you’re not our pilot when we fly home,” Jaden laughed.
“Hey, nobody got hurt, the kite is okay, so my crash is nothing,” Grant pointed out. “If you fly with me, I might even let you come up to the cockpit.”
“Good, because then I could give you flying lessons.”
Grant took a few steps toward his cousin, who took off down the beach laughing. Grant screeched and ran after him. While Jaden was a champion swimmer, he wasn’t as fast as Grant on the ground. When Grant caught up to Jaden, he tackled him onto the sandy beach. The boys wrestled and were laughing so hard they could barely breathe.
“Boy’s, you’re getting all covered with sand,” Carla yelled out.
“No duh,” Grant said quietly to Jaden whose laughter was totally out of control.
“I’ve got sand in my underpants,” Jaden was finally able to blurt out. “My balls itch.”
“You know we’re going to have to get the sand off us before we start going home.”
“Then we better fly your dad’s airplane a couple more times first.”
They walked back to where their parents had three kites in the air, all but Marlene flying one. “You boys are a total mess,” Marlene said. “Be thankful your mothers did what mothers are supposed to do and made you bring a complete change of clothes.”
“And you’re either going to have to get all the sand off yourselves or be willing to clean out the SUV when we get home,” Carla added.
“We’ll change, but later. Grant needs to fly the airplane kite to show he’s learned his lesson.”
Grant flew the triplane for another fifteen minutes without incident before handing it over to Jaden. Twenty minutes later Carla announced it was time for the boys to change their clothes and for the adults to change their shoes and socks.
“I’m not changing in the smelly outhouse,” Jaden said.
“And you can’t change in the SUV since you’ve got sand inside and outside your clothes,” Grant’s father said. “It looks like the other side of that hill is the spot to change.”
“I’ve changed there before,” Grant said. “Dad will keep people away but we’ve gotta be quick.”
The remote beach was nowhere near crowded but there were a dozen or so people in their vicinity. Grant grabbed his gym bag which had a change of clothes for both Jaden and himself. Jaden grabbed the shopping bag which carried spare shoes. The boys hurried over the dune and down the other side.
“This side is out of the wind,” Jaden noted. “When you’re on the beach it’s always good to find a place to be out of the wind.”
“You’re the beach expert,” Grant grinned. He removed his jacket and t-shirt, hesitated for a moment, and then took off his shoes and socks, which were full of sand. As Grant wiped the sand off his feet with a towel, Jaden caught up with his state of undress and completed the job by stripping naked.
“Whoa, you’ve gone all the way,” Grant noted.
“It’s not the first time I’ve stripped naked at a beach,” Jaden said. “You just have to not be scared when you do it.”
Grant quickly got naked as well. “It’s cold here when you don’t have clothes on.”
“Yeah, the beaches I go to are way nicer to get naked on. And before you think I strip naked on the Carlsbad or Oceanside beaches, I don’t—they’ve got changing rooms. But sometimes dad and I surf at out of the way places and then you gotta get naked behind something to change clothes. If we’re staying overnight, we take the RV, but sometimes for a day trip we do it this way.”
“Your dad is a surfer, too?”
“Dude, didn’t you go into the den when you were at our house?” Grant shook his head. “Well, then you missed his trophy case—he was a champion surfer back when he was young, and he still goes to some senior surf competitions.”
“Do you have any trophies?”
“A couple of third place trophies, but I’ve made swimming my thing. Next time you’re at my house, you’ll find some championship trophies in my room.”
“You had a couple when I was there.”
“Those were little kid trophies. As long as you don’t drown during the race you get a trophy. I’m talking first place trophies like my dad got and still gets, for surfing.”
“I can’t wait to see them, but right now I’m freezing my balls off. Let’s get dressed before somebody comes over that hill. About all our dads can do is warn us somebody is coming—they sure can’t stop them.”
The boys quickly dressed, knocked most of the sand off the clothes they shed and from the shoes and socks they took off and stuffed everything into the shopping bag. Fifteen minutes later the kites had been loaded into the SUV and they were under way for Mayfield.
The families ate dinner at the Mayfield Café. “Too bad Maggie isn’t working today,” Darren said as they perused the menus. “She’s the old school waitress who not only remembers your name for the entire meal but will probably remember it every time you come in after that.”
“Darren is exaggerating a little bit,” Carla said, “it will more likely take her to the second or third visit before she has you down pat. But she will remember your face and say something like, ‘It’s good to see you again, hon’. But in Darren’s defense, it wouldn’t surprise me if you came back soon after that she would remember your name.”
“Either way, she is an amazing lady,” Darren added.
“I like it,” Roger said. “That’s the kind of small town feel we don’t have in a city like East Harbor.”
During dinner, the conversation was about the great time and about how much fun the kite flying had been. “Jaden became an expert triplane flyer,” Grant grinned.
“And Grant learned to recover from a rough landing,” Jaden said.
“You’re being too nice, Jaden,” Darren said. “That was no rough landing, that was a full on, nose first crash.”
“Hey, remember, nobody got hurt and the plane could still fly. So there,” Grant countered.
Somehow the topic changed to Grant and his play on the Mayfield Middle School Titans JV team. “Grant has shown so much improvement since he started seriously playing baseball in sixth grade that he had been playing on the varsity some as well,” Carla boasted. Grant blushed—hearing praise from his mother was something special for him.
“What’s this about your baseball team coming to East Harbor in July?” Roger asked.
“That’s the 13 and under Yard Goats team. They don’t start practice until the 25th. And for me to go I’ll have to make the team,” Grant answered. “But it’s not in East Harbor, it’s in a town close to East Harbor, called San Marcos.
“East Harbor is close enough. I’m sure you’ll make the team,” Jaden said. “Anybody who can recover from crashing his airplane to fly again should be a lock to make a baseball team. I mean you’re already playing with these guys, right?”
“Yeah, but the school had varsity and JV both and only fourteen or fifteen guys will make the Yard Goats. But some of the players on the varsity will be too old to play on the Goats, so I guess we’ll see how it works out.”
“Dude, I know you’ll be at the tournament and I know I’ll be coming to watch you and your team play.”
“You can see me and my teammates play on Thursday. Usually, we play Tuesday and Friday, but because our spring break is coming up next week our games this week are Tuesday and Thursday, at least for the varsity.’
“We’ll be there to watch on Thursday,” Marlene vowed.
“And maybe on Friday you can meet some of my friends who’ll probably be going to East Harbor with the Goats. Then you’ll have even more guys to root for in the tournament,” Grant said.
“I can’t wait,” Jaden said.
After finishing dessert, the families piled into the SUV for the drive to Grant’s home. After arriving they unloaded their bags and the kites, storing the kites in the shed.
As they settled in, Marlene received a phone call from her friend Naomi. Marlene looked concerned as she listened to her friend. She nodded and then headed for the guest room so she could talk in private.
“I wonder what that was about?” Roger asked. “Being able to visit with Naomi on Friday was one of the reasons for this trip. They have been close friends since grade school. They were going to celebrate Naomi becoming cancer free. The get together had to be changed to Friday night, which is why we extended the trip.”
Crap, I hope this doesn’t mean they might go back to their old schedule, Grant thought.
When Marlene came back, she still looked concerned but assured everyone that everything was okay—almost. After all the explaining, phone calls, and needed texting had been taken care of, the Price family schedule had been changed yet another time. But it wasn’t moved back to a day earlier as Grant had feared, it was moved to a day later. Naomi had to change her schedule because “my parents thought nothing wrong about making special plans for me without asking me first.”
The final result was that Roger would be flying back to Orange County Airport on Saturday as scheduled because he had to return to work on Sunday. He would be taking the train to Portland Union Station and an airport shuttle to Portland International. Marlene would visit Naomi and spend the night with her old friend (as well as middle school and high school lover) and Jaden would have another night with Grant. Darren would take everyone to Portland on Sunday in the rental to catch a two-thirty flight. Grant was ecstatic, since this meant he might be able to take Jaden to Aiden’s nudist party.
After everything was settled, the boys and their dads watched the last of the Sunday Night Game of the Week which featured the Cardinals versus the Cubs while Marleen and Carla discussed the issues surrounding Naomi, whom Carla had met at Roger and Marlene’s wedding many years ago. The game ended with the Cubs winning 6-4 at Wrigley Field.
“I’m pretty tired and I’ve got school tomorrow. I’m ready to hit the hay,” Grant announced after the game.
“And I’m ready to join him,” Jaden said. The boys had prearranged that byplay before sitting down to watch the game.
After taking care of their pre-bed business the boys undressed down to their underpants. “Do you mind sleeping naked again tonight?” Grant asked his cousin.
“If it doesn’t make me horny, I don’t mind. I really am kinda tired,” Jaden replied.
“If you think you’re too horny to sleep I got a way for you to get off kinda quick.”
Once again, Grant was ready to push the envelope. “I’ll have to show you, but only if you say it’s okay for me to touch your dick.” Grant wondered if he was moving too fast, but he and Jaden would only have three more nights together before Jaden would have to leave. Grant was happy about having the Thursday game because his Aunt and Uncle had mentioned that they were thinking of spending an extra day sightseeing since they had pushed back their flight until Sunday evening. They finally decided it would be best if they came back by dinner on Wednesday and took a day trip somewhere on Thursday.  That would ensure they would be back in Mayfield by game time on Thursday.
“Are you serious, dude? Isn’t that really gay?” Jaden questioned.
“Only if you’re like boyfriends or something. I mean, helping each other get off is what friends do and so do cousins.”
“And cousins who are friends, too?”
Grant’s face broke into a wide grin. “Yep, them too.”
“Do I have to touch yours too?”
“Remember the rule.”
“The rule is I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.”
By now both boys were naked and sporting tween hard-ons. They flopped on the bed and scooted close to each other. Grant opened the drawer on his dresser and pulled out a bottle of Lubriderm lotion. He squirted some on his right hand and reached over to Jaden’s hard cock, wrapping his lubed fingers around his cousin’s five inches. Grant thought it felt perfect in his hand.
Jaden moaned with pleasure the moment he felt his cousin’s touch. Grant went right to work masturbating Jaden’s cock. Jaden was enjoying another first and was getting another example of how Liam and Brad felt on the overnight—if they really did this with each other. Jaden was certain they did even though he never saw them use any lotion.
“Stop for a minute,” Jaden rasped.
Grant quickly pulled his hand away and felt his sexual high melt away. He knew he had gone to jerking each other off too quickly and had screwed everything up. “I’m sorry, Jaden. I thought you would like it and I guess I…”
Jaden placed his right hand over Grant’s mouth. “Shh, it’s cool Grant. Sorry if I scared you. Give me that bottle of lotion.”
Grant felt his happiness return as he handed the bottle to Jaden, who squirted some on his hands and touched another boy’s cock for the first time in his life. When he applied the lotion to Grant’s cock, his cousin purred with pleasure. “You are so awesome Jaden,” Grant whispered as he went back to masturbating his cousin.
Jaden knew he wasn’t going to last much longer if Grant didn’t stop his ministrations for a while. He turned his head and admired the naked chest of his cousin, remembering how good it had felt to be wrapped around it the night before. He wanted to relive that feeling right then at the height of his sexual excitement.
In an act that was as instinctive as it was conscious, he let go of Grant’s cock and rolled over so their chests here touching and his cock was pressed against his cousin’s. “Oh, shit, Grant, you’re totally awesome too,” Jaden uttered as he started humping his cock against Grant’s.
His left cheek was against Grant’s left cheek. He could feel his cousin breathing as he buried his face into Grant’s shoulder. His body shook with pleasure and he knew he wanted to do one more thing before he came. He raised his head, looked down at Grant’s beautiful smooth face and placed his lips against Grant’s. It was the first time Jaden had kissed anyone on the lips. Without fanfare, Jaden had taken over the lead in their sexual act.
Grant felt a rush of delight pour through him as he felt his cousin’s lips on his own. He opened his mouth and pushed his tongue against Jaden’s lips; Jaden felt the pressure and opened his mouth, allowing Grant’s tongue to enter. At the same time, Grant was rubbing Jaden’s ass, which had been momentarily still as Jaden paused his humping. Grant’s index finger found his cousin’s grommet and pushed inside. The cousins were lost in a mixture of sexual feelings that were pushing them to the edge of consciousness.
Jaden resumed humping in response and fifteen seconds later his cock was squirting his thick cum on Grant’s crotch and belly. Jaden saw lights and stars and felt his cock spasm hard. The first true sexual orgasm of his life was so intense he almost lost track of the fact that he had a tongue in his mouth and a finger up his ass at the same time he was covering Grant’s smooth, warm body with his hot jism. When he stopped squirting, he could feel more cum building up under him and realized that Grant was having an orgasm as well. It was all he could do not to pass out.
Jaden finally gained enough strength to move off Grant. He worked to breathe normally, and Grant was doing the same. “Holy fuck, what just happened?” Jaden finally croaked. “We sure as fuck did more than jerk off.”
Grant had read in an online masturbation website that anything that didn’t involve putting a cock into an orifice was a form of masturbation, but as far as he was concerned what had just happened between him and Jaden was more than just masturbation. “I think we had some kind of sex,” Grant finally uttered.
“You mean we were being gay?”
“I mean we were being horny, and we got off together, and I don’t know about you, but I loved it. What about you?”
Jaden gave Grant’s question momentary thought. “I loved it, too,” he admitted. Jaden had just learned what his body was capable of and, deep down, he understood there was no turning back. He was hooked on what he had experienced, but he still had misgivings.
“I kissed you and you kissed me back and stuck your tongue in my mouth. We were French kissing.”
“You never kissed anybody before?”
“I kissed Maggie Lang a couple times. She’s a seventh grader and in three of my classes. And she’s on the swim team. But we didn’t French, and our kisses were, like, fast. It felt good but it didn’t feel close to what you and me did.”
“Do you think you’ll do it again?” Grant asked.
“Not tonight.”
“No way we do it tonight. I’m so ready to crash as soon as I take my piss.”
“Aren’t you going to clean up the mess on you?”
“Nah, I’ll shower it off in the morning. I’ll sleep with some of you on me.”
“You’re one weird cousin at times. You know that, right?”
“I know that, and I know you didn’t answer my question about doing it again.”
“Unless I get to feeling all guilty and shit while I’m gone then, yeah, I’ll do it again.”
“That means on Wednesday night.”
“That means on Wednesday night,” Jaden agreed. “Now, let’s piss and get some sleep.”
After pissing side by side at the toilet and returning to bed nothing had to be said about cuddling. They wrapped their arms and legs around each other and cuddled like it was what cousins were supposed to do when they slept naked together. Grant fell asleep happy about the friendship he had with his cousin—a friendship that stretched from flying kites to cumming on each other while humping like a couple of horny fools.
Jaden thought he was going to feel all guilty and shit about what he had just done. Instead, being naked and cuddling with his cousin who now had their combined cum on him somehow seemed like the exact right thing to do. Between kite flying and humping, Jaden thought this had been one of the best days of his life.
Grant’s alarm went off at a time he considered to be way too early. The readout said it was indeed time to get out of bed, so that was what he would have to do. Jaden was still wrapped around him, but he could feel his cousin stirring. Grant thought Jaden cuddled just as well as Lance which wasn’t bad considering Lance had a lot more experience sleeping with another boy.
“What happens if you turn around and go back to sleep?” Jaden yawned.
“Then in about five minutes my mother will come knocking on my door telling me to get my ass out of bed,” Grant replied.
“Whoa, does she really tell you to get your ass out of bed?”
“Not exactly, but somehow she manages to say it without saying the word ass.”
“My mom can be like that. It must be a mom thing. Are we going to shower together this morning?”
“We probably shouldn’t this time since who knows who will be coming upstairs to be getting something out of the office or to make sure we’re not being slackers.” Grant climbed out of bed. “I’ll go first since I gotta get to school and then you can follow.”
“Do you walk to school?” Jaden asked.
“Usually I do, and sometimes I ride my bike. I even get a ride if the weather is totally bad.”
Grant left the room to shower. When he stepped out of the shower, he bumped into Jaden who was waiting. “Dang, dude, you came in here pretty quiet.” He looked at his cousin’s crotch. “Looks like you’ve got a boner again.”
“It’s all your fault for cuddling up to me,” Jaden smirked.
“I’m gonna miss you, cuz. I hope you’re here by the time I get home from practice on Wednesday.”
“I’ll make sure my parents know what to do. And I’m gonna miss you, too.”
“Give me a hug.”
The naked cousins not only shared a long hug, but they shared a long, tongue filled kiss, which had not been planned.
“I better get going before you cum over me again,” Grant giggled.
After breakfast, the cousins traded a chaste hug in front of their parents before Grant went out the front door and off to school. He couldn’t wait to tell Lance about Jaden.
Less than an hour later Jaden left with his parents in the rental SUV. Jaden’s dad had been listed as a driver on the rental agreement and would be paying Grant’s dad for three days use on the rental plus mileage. Jaden loved new places and was looking forward to the trip.
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