D. K. Daniels

You can contact D. K. Daniels at danny2017writing@outlook.com, if you would like to email them about their stories or just say hi. All comments are welcome as long as they are made in a tasteful manner.

A storyteller at heart, with a passion for watching people grow. I strive to bring realism to my stories. Relationships and the environment my stories take place in are always the main thing when creating an escape world for me. I never wish to create a perfect story, just a bittersweet one. Because in real life, bitter sweet is best served directly and honestly, because thats what life is; bittersweet. Hailing from Ireland, i'm a twenty year old student or so. I write with the intent of moving myself and if it moves others to happiness and tears then that is awesome too. I hope in the future that everyone will be able to enjoy the stories i provide freely, and possibly help support me reach a larger audience. By helping me publish my work so that i can eventually sustain myself full time as a writer/cinematographer. Because without my readers, i haven't got a story to share. I write for myself, but if can make a career out of it then i would love to commit to it full-time. And in the future that i can continue to provide countless hours of tears, heartbreak and joy for my readers.

Stories by D. K. Daniels