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June 18, 2018: Get The Story Lover A Mac Penultimate Update
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

Thanks to all of your generous donations I have purchased the Mac Pro and it will be delivered Wednesday. The GoFundMe Account will remain active for a little bit longer, as there is still some software to be purchased. I will be purchasing Scrivener, Coda, and Affinity Photo, eventually, I will probably purchase Pathfinder as well.

Thanks again for all of your help, it is greatly appreciated.

Happy Reading,


P.S. ' Goos', Jonah, Joth, Just', A'exii, S'ean, and Alex say thanks as well. 

June 18, 2018: Party at Comsie's Place!!!
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi guys!

Yup, I said it. PARTY TIME!!! With cake and burgers and candy and soda and hotdogs...

So this Tuesday is a big day for someone who has been like family longer than there was a Fort Family so, he just is Fort Family and always will be... Why the party? You mean besides "why not"? Hehehe. The reason is a big one and one that is making us realize just how long we've been at it out here. :O

On Tuesday, June 19th, "Comicality's Shack Out Back" turns 20 years old!  

Twenty years of friendship and foolishness, and I'm one of the many who followed the lead of a man who would teach us all to share who we are with the world; to demonstrate that when you feel the loneliest, sadly enough, there are many more who feel the same. When you feel beaten down, you are in good company. When you need a smile, it may be easier to find than you think and regardless of who you feel that you are, we wouldn't have you any other way. So what does he have in store? I have no clue! (I do but, I'm not tellin :P)

All I can say is keep an eye on the Shack for announcements. Poke through the forums over there and look at the many projects he has set up. There are big things happening and I for one, am excited that our family and his has always intertwined and with this celebration, that intertwining continues in all its dysfunctional glory, as it should be. Hehehe... More news to come but remember to mark the calendar and don't forget to show off your "C". (For those of you who know why my hat is off to you brother :)

Happy Anniversary Comicality!!! (20 years... You show off! *HUGZ*)




June 16, 2018: Summer Short Story Events Update #2
Posted by The Story Lover


The deadline for the Summer Short Story Event is getting closer June 30th is only fourteen days away. 

So get your stories written and your requests for Fill In The Blanks in soon.

All submissions and requests should be mailed to Summer Short Story Parody Event, or Summer Short Story Fill In The Blank Event

All Stories will be posted on July 4, 2018, not July 1 as previously stated!

Happy writing,


May 28, 2018: Our Chief Editor Needs our Help
Posted by ACFan

As most of you know, The Story lover has been the driving force behind the works of a very large percentage of our stories. Be it as head editor, continuity manager or as host. He is the glue that holds us all together. Well, today he does need our assistance. We all know how badly he's been struggling to do the same level of work on some really outdated equipment. If you're able to help him out, you would be helping us all. This is what he posted on his own site. *HUGZ* Thanks for any help you can offer!


Dear Readers,

After a lot of mental deliberations, I have come to the conclusion that is time to switch from a Windows PC to a Mac PC. Since the majority of the Fort Family Admins use Macs this will allow me to use the same software that they are using. This will also allow me to avoid any of the issues associated with Windows Ten. The new Mac will give me many more years of writing and update this site. 

If you would like to help just click on the following link ~ Get A Mac For The Story Lover



May 14, 2018: Surprise!!!
Posted by AC

Hey all!

Despite the interference of real life, the boys of Clan Short got their way and Chapter 8 of 'CSV-DSM' is now live! As the Battle of Earth rages on around them, the boys deal with an issue that pops up in the chaos, and in the process tighten an alliance began by their Patriarch. I hope you enjoy it, and I can't wait to see comments y'all make on our Discord channel!


May 12, 2018: New Story From Boudreaux - Gifts
Posted by The Story Lover

Thanks to Jeff's Fort we have a brand New Story Gifts from the Crazy Cajun. This story is a bit different even for Boudreaux, so check it out you will be surprised.

Don't forget to pay the Crazy Cajun for his hard work by dropping him a short email.

Happy reading,


May 6, 2018: Brynnhollow Universe Being Added
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

I am in the process of adding the Brynnhollow Universe by MultiMapper and I seriously underestimated the number of chapters involved. Unfortunately, by adding so many chapters, I inadvertently pushed a lot of other chapters off of the main page. I will hold off adding the rest of the stories and chapters until tomorrow and then I will limit the number of chapters posted.

Take care,


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