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December 12, 2018: Chasing Christmas & Early Happy Holidays
Posted by D. K. Daniels

Hey guys & girls, I just dropping another note to let everyone know that Chasing Christmas is available for purchase over on Kindle. For more information check out my website

Secondly, I want to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, as this is the most hectic time of the year for me, as I assume it is for many. This January coming will mark my 2nd anniversary since I set out to pursue writing with serious intent. I want to thank all the folks who have spent hours reading each written word, through the mistakes and all the tiring waits. If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have anything worth saying without an audience. :)

December 9, 2018: Site Server Update Completed
Posted by AC

We have completed the upgrade and after sorting out a couple of bugs it appears that the sites are all working. If we missed anything, please let us know! We are aware of issues on ShackNation, and are actively working on repairs (It doesn't like the newer OS for some reason)

If you do spot something major, please notify TSL so that he can take credit for breaking something again... he's behind on his quota for the month.

Thanks for your patience!


December 6, 2018: Site Server Update information
Posted by AC

Right now we are waiting for the DNS Servers to catch up with all of the work. At this time, sometimes you will hit the old setup, and sometimes the new one. Within the next 24 hours it will stabilize, then everything will be back to normal! Good news is that this new setup is even faster than the old one - I'm sure that you will appriciate it!

Thank you for your patience, and we're all looking forward to the performance boost this new equipment gives us!



December 2, 2018: Heads up to the Fort Family readers, guests, and authors
Posted by AC

Once again, we will be doing upgrades to our services! (I know, this is becoming a bad habit!) Our server host has offered us an upgrade that is too good to pass up, so on Wednesday, December 5th the sites are going to be undergoing maintenance.

>>   From a reader and guest standpoint, you shouldn't see any problems - there is no anticipated downtime for the sites themselves. There is a slim possibility that you might see a glitch as the DNS servers update, but overall you shouldn't have any impact.

>> Authors, all we ask is that you hold off any posting on Wednesday and Thursday for sure - Friday should be safe, especially later in the day, but if you want to play it safe wait until late in the day Friday.

From all of us in the Fort Family and CSU Productions, I want to thank you for your support and patience as we work to give you the best service possible for your donation dollar.



November 27, 2018: Just when you thought it was safe...
Posted by AC

Just when you thought it was safe to relax, the boys of Clan Short strike again. Major thanks to TheEggman and Akeentia for their contributions to this chapter!

There's a lot happening, in a lot of places, but one thing they all have in common is friends and family coming together. Akeentia has once again worked his wizardry with the Ark family, while TheEggman shows us that the Pacific Rim contingent is just as insane when visiting the mainland. All I'll say about the rest of the kids is that no matter what you do, never get on the bad side of a bobcat hybrid human!

I hope that you enjoy the latest chapter!


November 25, 2018: The Christmas Short Story Event Official Announcement
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

The theme for this years Christmas Short Event is A True Spirit of Christmas, What The Christmas Experience Truly Should Be.  The guidelines are simple all Short Stories should fit the theme or at least be in the neighbourhood. All stories must meet the standard Submissions Guidelines located HERE. The word count should be between 500 and 15,000 words give or take three or four (um...thousand? < giggle >). If in doubt Fred takes 'Cinmon Crumbles' as bribes.  Don't forget to give the Fort Family of Sites permission to host your Short Story, also make sure that your Author name & Copyright Date is in your Short Story as well.

All submissions should be submitted by Midnite PST, December 22, 2018, All submissions will be posted on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2018. Send your submissions to Christmas Short Story Event Submissions.

Happy Writing,



November 23, 2018: Chasing Christmas Is Now Part Of A Series
Posted by D. K. Daniels

Hey folks,

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving; we don't celebrate it here in Ireland, but still, I hope everyone had a good time. The reason for this message is for anyone who can remember last year, I wrote a story called Chasing Christmas. The good news is, I have added tremendously to the story, including new scenes, and I have gotten around to editing the entire piece start to finish. I know... I know, it was bad, but people loved it.  I just wish to say thanks for all the kind feedback I have gotten from all my stories and to let folks know that I am publishing the book. The story is going to be part of a series of Chronicles known as The Doomed Adventures of Noah Finch. If anyway enjoyed the story last year and would like to relive it again, with new content and polished, I have the book up for pre-order for a discount, before I set it to full price. I needed to remove the story from all website for a reason, and that was because I have decided to enroll the story in KDP, which allows me to reach a larger audience, however, I do intend, at a later date to bring back the story, however, it won't be for a while.  For now, however, I hope everyone is happy with my current stories and that you continue to enjoy the content I create. To check out all the details you might need regarding the book, check out my website - 

So, there is more story to come revolving around the family and the boys. I want to thank everyone for making me feel incredibly welcome on Corner Cafe :)


D.K. aka Danny 

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